Now Entering San Clemente High's Parking Lot: Food Trucks

Bison chili, salsa with hot chiles and cupcakes await.

Food trucks are back on their way to San Clemente High School every Wednesday. Patch file photo.
Food trucks are back on their way to San Clemente High School every Wednesday. Patch file photo.

Food trucks are back at San Clemente High School Wednesday after taking a hiatus for the holidays.

Every Wednesday from 5-8 p.m., the food trucks serve up food – often unusual or exotic – to help raise money for the Triton Marching Band.

“The food trucks have been a great fundraiser for the band, not only raising money for the band, but the band kids also get to participate, as the kids sign up to play during the event,” said band mom Cindy Preston.

So here’s this week’s line-up:

A Bite Truck: Fusion dishes like bison chili, ragout of lamb and Modelo-steamed mussels characterize this Orange County-based food truck.

Bacon Mania: Food like chili mac (with bacon), flash-fried spinach (with bacon) and something called The Rico, a half-lb. all-beef hot dog covered in caramelized onions, grilled jalapenos, and spicy chipayo sauce (and bacon).

Del Salsa Truck: It may not surprise you that this truck offers a variety of salsas. The truck caters to those with mild chile taste to the “extreme blow your head off and burn ya twice” chile lovers. You can try the salsa on tacos, burritos and nachos.

Me So Hungry: This sliders/burgers/fries truck brings surprising flavors together, like the Meso Ramen burger (with a hard boiled egg and fried ramen in place of a bun).

My Delight Cupcake Truck: From Ontario’s My Delight CupCakery comes this truck packed full of cupcakes (what else?). What will they bring? Will it be carrot cake? Dulce de leche? Peanut butter? Peach cobbler? Snickerdoodles? Or vegan cookies and cream? You tell us.

-- Patch Editor Peter Schelden contributed to this report.


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