Rodent Dropping Close San Clemente Catering Company

Coastal Creations Catering Company was allowed to re-open the next day.

Rodent droppings closed Coastal Creations Catering Company in San Clemente last week. Patch file photo.
Rodent droppings closed Coastal Creations Catering Company in San Clemente last week. Patch file photo.

Health inspectors shut down a San Clemente caterer last week because of a rodent infestation.

According to a report from the Orange County Health Care Agency, inspectors found “numerous rodent droppings” during a Tuesday visit to Coastal Creations Catering Company at 111 Avenida Vista Montana.

The droppings were seen in the upstairs food and utensil dry store room as well as the downstairs bar linen cabinet, the inspector’s report says. In addition, a window could not be closed fully.

Inspectors ordered the owners to immediately exterminate all rodents, seal off the open window area, and clean and sanitize all surfaces. They returned the next day and allowed the catering company to re-open.

In the rooms where the droppings were seen, containers of dry food were left open and unprotected, according to the report. 

Annie G. January 28, 2014 at 01:13 PM
ooooh so like those weren't raisons?? why does it take an inspecton and not just the peeps working there seeing it them selfs?
Libby MartinE June 26, 2014 at 03:13 PM
The problem came about as a result of construction that was being done to the roof of the place. The construction workers failed to properly cover up an opening in the ceiling (the size of a quarter) and that is how the little rascal was able to gain access. The situation was quickly rectified and there have been no signs of unwelcome visitors since. Nor have there ever been any such problems before this unfortunate visit by the little roof hopper. This company is extremely aware of the potential hazards that rodents can cause in the the food industry and they take every precaution to keep them outside where they belong. I have never seen a cleaner kitchen or working environment than at 111 Ave. Vista Montana and I have seen hundreds of restaurant kitchens over the years. By the way, who among us has never seen a mouse in a house.... just say'n: ) This was no infestation, it was a single mouse that was quickly caught and relocated... The coast is clear!


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