Why Your New Year's Resolutions Often Fail by February

A blog post by San Clemente-based Sovereign Health Group explains why resolutions often fail and how to persevere in your goal.

It's a sad fact that most of the resolutions made on New Year's Eve will probably be abandoned, and there are medical and mental-health reasons why this happens, according to a San Clemente-based health-care provider.

Sovereign Health Group noted in a blog post that about 50 percent of the American population makes resolutions to change their lives on Dec. 31, but by Feb. 1 nearly 90 percent have failed. 

Sovereign Health is a leading provider of treatment for addiction, eating disorders, cognitive decline, anxiety, depression and other mental-health problems with facilities in San Clemente and Culver City.

"Resolutions fail for many of the same reasons that substance abusers have so much trouble giving up the use of their dependency," the blog post stated. "Changing your life takes more than desire and willpower...it also takes planning and sustained effort."

The blog suggests that along with the resolution, you make a detailed plan to help you reach the goal. It's also important to involve other people since they will help you remain strong in your goal and might even join you in the process. 

"There’s nothing wrong with making a resolution for the New Year," the blog concludes. "Just remember to be realistic, create a plan, set up a strong support network, and be forgiving."


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