McGreat Records Opens in San Clemente

To Meet the Growing International Revival of Collecting “Records”



San Clemente, CA – During a time when all other music formats saw a decline in sales other than digital streaming, there has been a baffling revival of the vinyl LP. It was recently reported that vinyl record sales saw a 32% increase in sales, to 6.1 million albums, the highest level since SoundScan started counting in 1991.  This isn’t just an American phenomenon, Britain also saw its best vinyl LP sales in more than a decade. 


McGreat Records now open at 73 Via Pico Plaza near Surfside Chicken in the heart of San Clemente’s Pier Bowl, is a testament to the type of people who place a premium on traditional recording formats and the overall listening experience.  According to co-owner and general manager, Ian McGregor, “Specifically with vinyl, there’s just nothing like going through the record store, finding gems, conversing with other patrons on various records and physically owning an aesthetically appealing copy of a piece of music.  That’s a big part of the revival of records,” he states.  “Vinyl records offer a richer sound… the music just sounds warmer on vinyl and there is the collector’s aspect, the enjoyment of the cover art and the whole sound of setting the needle down…all your senses are stimulated, it’s like holding the song in the palm of your hand.”


McGreat Records sells new and used vinyl LP’s of all genres with a robust selection of rock ‘n roll, classic, punk, and jazz. They also sell classical, soundtracks and CD’s.  Each record is hand-picked and tested to offer the best selections and highest quality. Customers can expect to meander through a collection of about 2,000 records in the front of the store while chatting up

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store managers and other patrons on music culture and trends while shopping.   About 40 to 50 new records are added each day.  Record prices range from $1 for bargain basement treasures to up to $70 for collectibles such as jazz greats, Charles Mingus and Chico Hamilton Quartet.  Rare punk records can also be found for about $30 such as Tooth & Nail; Misfits; and First Pressing.  A typical classic rock album is $5.  According to McGregor, every kid needs to own a few coming of-age classic records.  “We’re discovering the San Clemente and beach cities music lover is very broad and eclectic; we’ve seen kids as young as ten walk into the store and people as old as eighty looking for a nostalgic favorite from back-in-the-day.  It’s fun to provide a complete experience to our customers of looking, listening, feeling and discussing the music,” concludes McGregor.

McGreat Records also sells band t-shirts, patches, buttons and posters and encourages customers to bring their record players in to sell on consignment.

Another special component of McGreat Records is the Music School offered in the back of the shop.  Biff Cooper, co-owner of McGreat Records heads up the Beach Cities Rock Club, an instruction based club on all instruments with strings, drums, piano and singing.  Rock Club kids are grouped together to perform on Sunday’s.  Students receive 20% off store purchases.


In celebration of Record Store Day – an internationally celebrated day observed the third Saturday of April each year,  McGreat Records invites you to a series of special events.

April 19 – 7 PM Live performance by punk legends, Channel 3/CH3 and No More Saints

April 27 – Special musical guest

 For more information call 949-545-7134.

Penny Arévalo April 14, 2014 at 08:54 PM
Post a photo and I can highlight this. To edit, just click the green arrow drop-down button, then click "edit." Look for the camera icon to upload art (JPGs, PNGs and PDFs). Thanks!
Brainwashed_In_Church April 15, 2014 at 09:48 AM
I sold many of my old LPs at Port of Sound records in Costa Mesa. Got $350 bucks for them. Mind boggling people (99% of whom are hipsters who try really hard to look like they're not trying really hard) actually go through the hassle of listening to vinyl. The signal to noise ratio is less than FLAC or high quality (320) MP3 and the "listening experience" is all in the mind - pretending to be back in the 1970s.
phil May 01, 2014 at 03:10 PM
good job, andy. mine got tossed with my baseball card collection when I went to college in the late 70's. PLEASE don't tell me what a Nolan Ryan rookie card goes for these days..........


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