The Dumbing Down of America?

Dumbing Down of America, where so few have so much power over so many because we have become so comfortable, so desensitized to the way it has become.

I have the pleasure and satisfaction of working every day to help Individuals identify the conflicts and issues that are blocking them from discovering and doing what they want with their lives, what might bring them a greater sense of worth, value and a sense of meaning and purposefulness.

In most cases, that means that they must 1]  identify the negative thoughts and fears that have detoured their previous efforts, and 2] set up reasonable goals with specific behavioral steps that can show them that they CAN, in fact,  achieve, grow and flourish.

If they just give themselves the chance to face their fears in palatable bites, then after frequent and consistent exposure to those fears, they can desensitize, neutralize or become numb to those fears. Once they see that they can face the anxiety that comes with taking steps and making changes, they will realize that they can survive and thrive. A momentum  develops, that if nurtured by a healthy support system, can lead them to their personal goals and a change in how they perceive themselves. This process is exciting to watch, and I admit, is very fulfilling for me.

However, I also look around and see desensitization working  in reverse. We are exposed to things in advertising, politics and day to day life where lies and fabrications, or at best stretching of the truth becomes common-place. After repeated exposure, we may become numb to the lies and deceit, and just hear what we want to hear.

An alarming number of good people in our society have become weakened by the barrage of deceitful, manipulative games and controlling techniques at the hands of those with less conscience and selfish agendas. It is a sad thing to see the Dumbing Down of America, where so few have so much power over so many because we have become so comfortable, so desensitized to the  way it has become. In an increasing number of situations, even if we are aware of the loss of morality, ethics, and our growing dependence on others, on corporations, even our government and political parties, we say or do nothing. Many have come to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities in our society, but have lost the fire in the belly to speak up, fight for that independence, and work hard for what they want. And sadly, a growing number have come to feel entitled. 

Maybe we have all become more adapting and lazy people, so as a result, we are lambs whose minds can de easily be taken over and led by those who would control and manipulate for their own gains.
We have become so used to life as it has been, that we cannot imagine, nor even consider what it takes to maintain and nurture those freedoms. With the exception of those who have fought our wars, gone through the Great Depression, or survived the Holocaust, how would we know what it is like to be without freedom and independence ?. Oh, we hear of suffering in other countries with dictators and sociopathic leaders, but we do not see what we can become without vigilance and action.

Dependence breeds weakness. A sense of entitlement leads to a point at which a person feels less worth and value, or pride in their achievements. Then, what comes next ?I fear more and more people will become angry with themselves as their personal pride diminishes, but they may blame others for their plight. Without the pride of personal achievement, self-esteem atrophies, and one's moral and ethical fiber weakens. This is not a pretty picture !

Just a Thought !

Gene Benedetto, Psychologist
Benhaven Counseling
Blog: RuledByFear.com
On-Line Support Group: OneStepataTime.com

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Charles December 17, 2012 at 05:10 PM
"In an increasing number of situations, ..." Source? What's wrong with feeling entitled? What's wrong with being desensitized? Sometimes this can be good - It may help a person make accurate decisions without the noise of emotions. Might it be a myth that America is allegedly being dumbed down? Is this an effort to create a solution for a problem that doesn't exist, a means to capitalize on false assumptions? What makes anyone think the behaviors and relationships and social and organizational dynamics described in the "blog" (spam) above aren't normal and healthy?
jerry collamer December 17, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Is this post an advertisement, or what? It's not News, Thought Patch was a News source, not a self-help bulletin board.
SC Parent December 17, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Like hearing others perspective, makes you think. Nice article.
Charles December 17, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Browse around; You'll notice the majority of the "Local Voices" blogs are really advertisements disguised as blogs written by realtors, personal trainers, oddball healers, artists, nutritionists, and life coaches. Much (most?) of the content provided is pretty basic internet copy and paste material.


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