The Truth About the Ron Paul Controversy

Ron Paul is being chastised about allegations of distaste for Israel. Learn the rest of the story here.

All over the news this morning, you have heard the words "Ron Paul aide says that he said that he doesn't want Israel to exist!" I highly doubt that those were the exact words he said.

However, Paul has substantial rationale for his distaste for members of the Israeli government and especially the pro-Israel lobbyists here in the US. Those were the subjects of his comments, NOT the Israeli people. As it stands right now, the Israel lobby has control over the majority of Republican legislators and even some Democrats. The Republicans are consistently pushing for spending cuts to every area possible, and rightly so. However, they have been convinced to push for increases in spending to defend Israel. Democrats want to reserve existing funds for projects domestically, but still push for more money to be invested in the area of Israel defense and development.

If I have you wanting to throw a ball at my head, I'd like you to print out my pretty mug, throw a ball at it, then continue reading this because this is the kicker. The US cannot support it's own operations! Read that again and again. If we cannot even help ourselves, then how can we be expected to help everyone else. Also, every society that has focused on expanding its influence through war, regardless of whether or not the motives for doing so are good, has fallen due to high debt and an overreach of the government. Does this sound familiar?

If you are still convinced that we need to support Israel implicitly and allow them to have a red, white and blue debit card that activates the job killing Federal Reserve's printing press upon every swipe then you need to look up the word "blowback." Blowback is a CIA term for when the public sees effects (ie. terror) as a result of military occupation, and more specifically secret military operations. This represents a good part of the reason why we have terror to start with.

The decision of whether or not we need to go to war is one that should be left to trustworthy, intelligent officials. The truth is we do not know the full story about ANY war and therefore need people that are willing to live up to the label of conservative not just with the domestic spending but with the gun trigger too. However, if we do go to war, we must make it our business to go hard or go home. No more pussyfooting around on our hard earned money! Not going in 110% makes me even more suspicious because it shows doubt in the operation's necessity. And by the way, my definition of trustworthy and intelligent does not include politicians hung over from their night out with the lobbyists.


P.S.: Ron Paul has more donations from soldiers than all the other candidates combined. Why would the military choose a bad commander in chief by such an overwhelming margin? Just saying.

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GreenInOC December 29, 2011 at 09:16 PM
@Greyson - first of all, why isn't there a "reply" button in the replies to original comments?! Yes, exactly. I just wish people would really ask themselves these questions and not accept the knee-jerk response. I truly don't believe the US is worried about "terrorism" in Israel but it's a way to disguise having a presence in that part of the world.
nicholas garnett March 20, 2012 at 09:06 AM
this country is screwed if ron paul does not get elected... and i mean screwed.... runaway inflation... collapsed dollar... foreign wars we cannot afford etc have ruined this country and the morale of its people.... separated, violent, and selfish is what americans have become completely blinded to their perfect complete nature naturally.... this is a culture of confusion and delusion/illusion... i am awake and always becoming more awake everday.... change your thoughts and you will change the world according to the thoughts that you have.... what has caused all of this? I have....
Patriot September 27, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Israel is the only country with real freedom of speech in the middle East. It is offended every day and called all sorts of names and yet unlike in The Islamist world of which millions of tax payer money go to every year you wont see Israeli's rioting against those that say horrible offensive things against them. In addition they are the only country in that region which shares American values.
Patriot September 27, 2012 at 06:00 AM
The government sends millions of dollars to Egypt, Libya and Pakistan yet those countries hate us and Israel likes America why is it aid to Israel that is the problem?
Greyson Peltier September 28, 2012 at 08:35 PM
I agree with you. I don't get why financing for countries that do not work well with us is even in the budget in the first place. However, everything (and yes, that means everything) should be at least evaluated for budget cuts. If it is determined that cuts will do more harm than good, then we move on. But we at least need to make sure that when we spend money that we are actually getting value for every dollar spent and to the best of my knowledge there has been no objective analysis done to ascertain such.


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