The Best Ever O.C. Light Display? Check It Out!

Check out this show, a tribute to a friend who passed away.

You may have seen the  (there are five different ones!). You may even have been lucky enough to have seen it live. But if you live in Fountain Valley, you've probably heard of it: a brand-new Disneyland-esque Christmas and music light show right in the middle of town.

This began with the dream of the widow of a man who has been called "a great friend." Larry Stewart died in May of this year of mesothelioma, a form of cancer that has struck down many people from contact with various toxic substances before they were known to cause cancer. It claimed Stewart after a long battle, but wife Jan would not let him be forgotten this holiday season, with the help of friend Damion Rodriguez.

Rodriguez installed this light show in two weeks. "Larry and his wife always wanted to do something big for Christmas, and I was glad to help make this happen."

The setup displays 54,020 LED lights  programmed to dance to the music via MADRIX Ultimate. The snowflakes, arches, mini trees, mega tree, and star topper were all made by Rodriguez, along with several custom effects. All networking, installation, research, programming, & all nighters are also performed by Rodriguez.

Stewart's favorite Christmas song was "Amazing Grace," said Jan, who watches the display each night with the crowds that gather, and hugs Rodriguez, thanking him for his efforts. "We dreamed of something like this."

"Next year we hope to do a better show and start collecting donations for charities such as the American Cancer Society," adds Rodriguez, "to continue the memory of Larry."

If you are interested in viewing the dazzling display, the address is 18323 Stanislaus St. in Fountain Valley, and it has accompanying music on your radio at 89.1 FM. 


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