How To Clear Your Mind: Brighten Your Day With Music

Meditation doesn’t have to be what most imagine as the “status quo”. Learn quick, FUN ways to wind down from the day or week. Kick back, relax and jam!

Many people talk about meditating to clear your mind, but meditation doesn’t have to be what most imagine as the “status quo”. You don’t have to sit in complete silence for hours on end to clear your mind, although maybe at times that could be helpful. Meditation can be almost anything that you enjoy, that helps you quiet your mind and feel connected to true yourself, which is peaceful, joyful, inspired, playful and lots of other awesome qualities. Often times, for me, music can be my meditation of choice. For me, it takes away attention from to do lists, busy thoughts and just makes me feel good!

So, in a nut shell, no matter how your day is going, music can almost ALWAYS make it better! I like to find songs with lyrics that relates to whatever is going on in my life, and that inspires me in some way. Then, I usually either download the song(s) on itunes or youtube, and in most cases, BLAST the song (on repeat).  I tend to focus on specifically singing the words that I most need to hear. Hence, I tend to “edit” them to fit my life. See below for examples and tricks of the trade on song “meditation”.

Depending on your mood, you can sing, scream, or dance (let loose kinda dancing where you jump, shake, or whatever else. Rhythm optional). You can also, at other times, chill out and relax to quieter tunes.  I’ve made playlists for myself to play in certain scenarios, like “No worries” mix,  “Feel good” mix, and many more. You can also listen to Pandora.com to find new songs. Make yourself a new inspirational or motivational playlist.  Kick back, relax and jam! 

Lyric and Songs Examples:

  1.  “I take the road less traveled. I’m on my way… A wise man sang...decide your own destiny…I’m on my way…”  Road less traveled by Ziggy Marle
  2.  “I look above and i know I’ll always be blessed with love … wherever it will take me,  I know that life wont break me ..”  Angels by Robbie Williams
  3. “Be true to your heart…don’t think so much…let your heart decide.”  True to Your Heart by Raven (from Ella Enchanted Soundtrack)
  4. “Free spirits have to soar. All we need is love.”  Love is My Religion by Ziggy Marley

Feel free to contact me for more songs to add to your playlists! 

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