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Did We Just Waste A Billion Dollars to Elect More of the Same?

Business as usual is the worst outcome for an election that cost a billion dollars. We can demand better by making a list of what we want for the next four years.

There has been a billion dollars spent trying to convince you, the American People, that a candidate is best qualified to lead this nation for the next four years.  Many of us are fearful of “business as usual,” regardless of who wins the election on Nov. 6. 

Many believe there are some things we should demand.  Each of you will determine what you want, but here is my list: First, there needs to be equal opportunity.  We cannot have one class given unfair advantages over another.  We cannot pay one group not to work while taking money from another group to pay them.  An example could be those who have given up looking for jobs, and have switched to disability benefits.  We now have the largest number of people on disability in the Nation’s history.  We will always take care of the disadvantaged, but the disadvantage must be real.  We will not forget the old, the truly disabled and our veterans.  We are smart, we will figure out who is living off, what Charles Payne calls crazy checks, and those who really need help.  For most, getting help will be transitory and brief.  There are other groups, but hopefully, you get the idea.

Second, there must be truth and openness.  One could argue, the Government lies to us every day. Some legislators get rich while holding down a job that pays under $200,000 a year.  Poor legislation is passed every year.  Lobbyists representing big money groups try to get an advantage in favor of their clients.  Lobbyist must be effective; there are thousands of them in Washington.  Some rules are written to favor the connected, at a cost to the majority.

Third, the courts must move away from reliance on the idea of case law, and get back to the Constitution.  Read the history of the Roman Empire Legal System and you will see the future of U.S. law.  The Romans slowly eroded a brilliant set of
laws to match conditions as viewed by jurists with the impression they could do
a better job than those who came before them. Old laws are not necessarily bad laws; they have stood the test of time.  Today’s judges and lawyers are not smarter than the founding fathers, nor do they share the depth of their insights. 
The idea of a jurist with personal agendas disregarding the Constitution must be stopped.  We cannot have decisions written because a Judge is worried about the reputation of a court.

Fourth, groups paying for political advertisements must be identified by their focus and not by a name they made up to mislead the public.   An example might be “People for the American Way.”  The name does not say what they are trying to accomplish.  “People for The American Way” sounds to me like a Conservative Group pushing the traditional American Dream.  Yet, this group is described, on line, as a Liberal Think Tank.  They can have any name they want, but the political advertisement should say in bold letters, “This group believes/favors ………).  If companies must list the contents on a can of soup, why not identify groups trying to influence our future?

Fifth, federal legislators should be paid more.  Right now the majority of people running for federal office are either rich, low level legislators looking to move up or people backed by big money.  The average worker is generally frozen out
due to a lack of money.  If Legislators made more money, the above average person could walk away from their $300,000 to $500,000 a year jobs and borrow money to run.  With an adequate salary there would be enough to pay back money borrowed to take part in the process.  Let’s attract the best and the brightest. There have been articles about federal legislators living in their office because they did not have the money for an apartment in Washington, D.C..  How big of a target are those individuals to groups with big money willing to “help” them out?

Sixth, move away from big government.  Move back to a government which lives inside the confines of the Constitution.  States’ Rights should be the rallying call of
all of us.  If a state goes bad, a person can always move his family to another state.  When the whole country goes off on a tangent we are stuck.  We are individuals and our rights are bigger than those of the Federal Government. 
Who would you rather trust, your own good judgment or the rules of an
unelected government official?

Going forth for the next four years we should demand an honest, hardworking, transparent government.  These folks work for us, they ask for our votes, and then we don’t hear from them until the next election.  We get the government we
deserve, let’s work hard to deserve a better government.  If we demand accountability, we will get accountability.  If we lose interest after the election, the elite will smile and continue to run a government that does not treat each citizen in an equal manner. Next week vote the people whose goals match yours.

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John Webb November 01, 2012 at 09:45 PM
Silence Dogood: I understand this is your introduction to the ideas you would like to see after the election. You and Charles wrote great introductions as to why your ideas are better. I hope both of you will offer the things you hope to see in the next four years.
fact checker November 05, 2012 at 03:32 PM
First, those unemployment benefits and disability benefits may seem misused you need them yourself. Offer solutions for misuse not condemnation for those who use them. Second, truth and openness needs to start with telling the whole story. And it needs to start with requiring every political contributor to do so under the light of day. No anonymous contributions. Third, the Constitution allowed slavery, did not guarantee the right to vote for women, and has been ammended many times because the context in which it was written no longer exists. It was intended to be a dynamic document. The three branches of government act to ensure that this intention is upheld. That pesky legal system works just as intended. Fourth, the name of groups is the least of our problems. We need the name of individuals and corporations who contribute to those groups and those groups must be required to tell the truth in their ads. When they do their intentions will be obvious. See the first thing I would demand. Fifth, the best and the brightest are not always attracted by money. Actually, in many cases they are repelled by too much money. That is why some of our best and brightest choose teaching, public defending, community organizing, nursing, and social work despite the higher pay of other choices they might make.
fact checker November 05, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Sixth, Big government needs to stay out of our wombs, our classrooms, and our churches before it moves away from helping the less fortunate. States do a good job with some parts of government but everyone in every state deserves the same freedoms. States should not decide rights of individuals. I may trust my own good judgement but that doesn't guarantee that I won't need the benefits intended by government programs to provide basic needs such as food, healthcare, and shelter if I can't provide them for myself in a catastrophic situation. Ask the people dealing with Sandy. Ask a family devastated by a health crisis. Ask a child whose parents can't or won't provide for them. Ask a senior. Ask yourself if you are willing to forego any government assistance no matter what.
Jstar November 08, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Great post!!
Alyssa Russell November 10, 2012 at 03:12 AM
Outstanding post Mr. Webb! Very grateful to hear a conservative voice in our community!


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