32 Things I Love About My Valentine

Just because Valentine's Day is around the corner doesn't mean we're all filled with love. But to evoke those amorous feelings, I want to hear: What do you love about the one you're with?

Love may be in the air, but stress has been on my mind.

The last couple of weeks have been unusually hectic for me, having finally settled into a groove at my new job (they're still hiring) and starting the .

If you hadn’t noticed, Mr. Man (known to you as Editor Adam Townsend) has been especially busy here on our San Clemente Patch, too, with , a  and, most recently, the .

As the work hours and stress mount, my patience plummets.

Unfortunately, Mr. Man bears the brunt of my short temper. The busier we are, the more crucial it is that we keep the house organized. Alas, he does not share this philosophy.

So, as you might have already guessed, we’ve exchanged a fair amount of snaps and snarls over these last few weeks.

Angry? Write a Love Letter

Then, the other day in the midst of chaos, I remembered an exercise I did within the first few weeks of my health coaching training program. The assignment was to write a love letter to or about someone with whom we were having a rough time. "Why do you love the person you can’t stand at the moment?"

Though I was skeptical at first, upon completing the assignment, I noticed my mood and thoughts toward the person improved immediately. It works because it’s a simple exercise that forces you to look at the bigger picture. It helps you see all the positive things you love about the person that can be easy to forget when you’re angry or stressed.

Next time you're upset with the one you love, try it. 

In my case, rather than write out a full love letter, I modified it into a bulleted list including some of the many reasons why I love my Mr. Man:

32 Things I Love About My Valentine

  1. His phenomenal intelligence and capacity to retain information - Who can tell you everything about the ancient Aztec civilization to how beer is made to modern politics in Russia? Adam Townsend can.
  2. His skill and dedication to journalism – he'd been at it for more than a decade
  3. His artistic and design abilities – have you seen his website?
  4. His musical abilities – he plays the trumpet, piano, harmonica, drums, and mandolin; he has composed original piano and trumpet pieces
  5. That he was in a band – ask him about "Soul Jive"
  6. That he shares my love of “Archer” and “Best of Will Ferrell”
    That he also shares my fondness for psychological crime shows, like my recent obsession with “Dexter”
  7. How he supports me in whatever project I concoct  - he played piano for all the
  8. His knowledge and appreciation for jazz and blues – he introduced me to Thelonious Monk and John Lee Hooker
  9. His patience -- especially with me and my lack thereof
  10. His kindness to strangers – he always has spare change and time for people and causes
  11. His eagerness to feed others – he’s a natural host, filling people’s plates and cups
  12. His sociability – he can talk to anyone
  13. His bonds with his friends – he’s still best friends with his childhood friends
  14. How he gives others the benefit of the doubt – he’s good at remembering other people are doing the best they can, too
  15. His manners – that won my family over as well
  16. How he shows his affection for me often – what girl doesn't love kisses every day?
  17. How he compliments me on my “around the house” hair or clothes
  18. How he acts around his family - especially his Nan (grandma)
  19. How he interacts with our neighbor kids – they adore him
  20. His exuberance when starting a new hobby – it’s fascinating to watch him meld into whatever he’s doing
  21. His passion for learning – the man reads at least one book a week
  22. His eagerness to travel – we’ve been to Greece and would love to go to Italy next
  23. His willingness to try new things – whether it’s a new food or sport, he’s game (pun intended)
  24. His bilingualism – he speaks fluent Spanish
  25. His incredible cooking – especially omelets and any grilled meat
  26. His ability to improvise while cooking – I always need a recipe
  27. The way he makes perfect bacon – crispy throughout but not burnt
  28. His ambition – he’s never satisfied with the status quo
  29. His newfound love for boxing – watching him demonstrate the latest drills makes me smile
  30. His (obnoxious) devotion to The Steelers – His adoration begrudgingly sucked me into enjoying watching football, even if it is mostly for the social factor of it, and to resurrect my Browns fan status
  31. His calm and even temperament – he rarely yells
  32. How he fights fair and respectfully – no name-calling

Editor's Note: The editor is extremely embarrassed by this post. In a good way. Happy Valentine's Day, Laura Lee.

Please share: What are some of the things you love about your Valentine?

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Sherilyn Townsend February 11, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Great letter and great idea for a love letter. I love at least 32 things about your Valentine, too. Ha, ha. I think I'll write a letter like that to my valentine. I especially like that he comes to the gym with me to work out. Happy Valentine's Day to you both.
Kathleen Ward February 13, 2012 at 07:05 PM
What you wrote is so good, no one can add anything! It gives us all incentive to think of the many ways our Valentine loves us and adds to our life. Great article and I just have to comment that Adam is THE MAN!!
Laura Lee Bloor February 13, 2012 at 09:09 PM
Thanks, Kathleen. And this doesn't have to be just for significant others -- this exercise works great for friends, parents, siblings -- anyone in our lives that we love and tend to take for granted or become the targets of our stress rants.
Adam Townsend February 14, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Thanks, Katleen ;) Happy Valentine's Day.
Ellen Rafferty February 14, 2013 at 09:37 PM
LL, Way to rock Vday - nice post!


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