Cameras on Light Poles

Surveillance cameras are becoming ubiquitous in San Clemente, and just out of curiosity: What is the purpose of these cameras? What agency installed and maintains them? Are they monitored in real time? If so, by whom? Is the data stored? Where? For how long? By whom? Is the data public information? If so, where can it be viewed? If not, is there a document specifically describing what theses cameras are for and the reasons why the information is not public? Is a warrant required for law enforcement personnel to search the data? Are the cameras capable of High Speed License Plate reading technology (as is found on OCSD cars?). Facial recognition software? 

If the folks who wrote the 4th Amendment had been asked if they thought it was a good idea to monitor and track the movements of citizens who were not suspected of criminal activity (which OCSD, LASD, LBPD, etc already do), they would surely have said, "No".
Douglas Martin May 12, 2014 at 02:02 PM
This is the intersection of Pico and ECR. I did not circle the signal-changing sensors for emergency vehicles nor the daylight sensors. There is another camera and one phazer antenna on the light standard over Pico, out of the frame.
Diane Hennessy July 09, 2014 at 02:09 PM
I'm curious if anyone ever answered your questions!


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