LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Curse of Marblehead

One developer after another has fallen victim to the curse, one resident says.

San Clemente resident Jerry Collamer responds to reports that Marblehead outlet mall developer Steve Craig is suing local political activist Charles Mann and his political action committee's donors for defamation.

Is the old cow pasture, known as Marblehead, cursed by deeply rooted paranoia, that being fear of development?

Different landowners have tried repeatedly to build there. All have failed. Is the never-used Marblehead Bridge, San Clemente's bridge to nowhere?

What strange force causes a lowly discount mall developer to suddenly lash out, frivolously suing San Clemente citizenry, if he, too, weren't gripped by Marblehead's ancient curse of developmental paranoia.

We can't blame Richard Nixon, though he, too, was deeply paranoid.

But is there a connection?

After leaving office, Nixon sequestered himself in New York City. His brief San Clemente stay, a curious footnote in a political career preferring polished wing-tips to funky flip-flops, and marbled halls of political power to Cotton's Point beach sand.

Marblehead's curse of developmental paranoia runs deep. So deep, even a bargain basement discount mall operator falls victim to its wholesale downward pull.

What lurks under that bridge? Forty-percent-off sales? Or worse - the curse lurks.

And it's grabbed another discount developer. Its fools-gold; a haunting lure, not a bargain. Cross Marblehead's bridge at one's own peril. And never at night, unless the moon is full.

Be afraid, Be very afraid.


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