OPINION: Local Real Estate Becomes Infotainment

It makes me want to cry.

Must be the Summertime blues.

San Clemente’s home median price drifted lazily lower in July to approximately $609,000, about four percent less than a year ago, according to the SoCal Multiple Listing Service. Monthly sales volume dropped to 66 homes, about 10 percent lower than a year ago. Short sales accounted for 27 percent of July’s volume, up from 23 percent last July.

But wait a minute….  Do you find these numbers helpful or boring? Do you even know what the median price is? How about a short sale?

Do you really want to hear some facts and analysis about local real estate? Or would you rather be entertained with personal anecdotes about open houses gone terribly wrong, or the argument I had with a coworker this morning?

Okay, don’t answer that question. As a writer, I have been feeling the pressure for some time now. Slow but steady pressure to de-emphasize the facts, talk up the emotion.

Alright, alright… I’ll change. No problem. I can do this.  After all, tomorrow’s another day! There’s no place like home! Infotainment, here I come! (as I wipe away the hopeful tears….)

Marketing 101–-Define my target market: Well, let’s see… That would be: Homeowner readers of this San Clemente publication.

But how many San Clemente residents actually own their own home, or hope to own in the foreseeable future?  Probably not that many….  This requires a visit to the City’s official web site, to get some demographics

Hmmm, says here that, OMG!--62 percent of San Clemente homes are owner occupied! That’s a lot of homeowner readers! And further, double-OMG!--the median family income in San Clemente is a whopping $87,200! San Clemente residents are RICH!

Marketing 201--Develop my call to action: What do I want my target market to do? Well, I’m not exactly sure… maybe buy a house, or sell a house, or become better informed real estate consumers…?

NAW, digital media is digital! The whole thing runs on clicks! Get ‘em to click on something… anything!

Did you know that San Clemente’s unemployment rate is only 7.56%?

Triple dog OMG!--The City’s Standard & Poor’s Bond Rating is AAA!  (Makes me want to cry.) 

I don’t know if I’ll ever really get the hang of this….

For more of the latest market news and statistics on San Clemente real estate, visit my always emotional blog at MCotter.com

rebeccachavez133 August 21, 2011 at 04:41 AM
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Joy Cogan August 21, 2011 at 11:35 PM
I really like your infomercial! It even made me log in so I could tell you so. Joy


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