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UFO Sighting In Laguna Niguel, Part 2: Bogus?

After a flying saucer report on March 3, Patch decided to investigate.

Is Laguna Niguel being visited by space aliens?

On March 3 around 7 p.m., a resident reportedly spotted some " This was the ninth such sighting in just a few years, according to ufostalker.com.

Was it the real deal or a close encounter of the bogus kind? Patch asked local agencies and experts to weigh in.


"All I can tell you is FAA air-traffic controllers have not observed any unusual activity on their radar scopes," said Ian Gregor, spokesman for the FAA's Pacific division.

The FAA is used to hearing such claims. In the fall of 2010, for instance, Gregor received a flurry of calls from journalists who had been contacted by people claiming they saw aircraft explode over the Pacific Ocean. "Naturally, no aircraft had exploded over the Pacific. All I can figure is there were meteorological conditions that resulted in people seeing flashes of light." 

Sheriff's Department

"We have no record of any calls about anyone reporting anything seen in the sky at that time," said Lt. Roland Chicone of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

In his 26 years in law enforcement, Chicone added, he has "never received a call from anyone reporting seeing an UFO, but that's not to say anybody else on the force hasn't."

John Wayne Airport

John Wayne Airport has an Airport Monitor link where people can type in any address and check for airplanes or objects in the area at any given time. A check of the area on March 3 in Laguna Niguel came up empty.

Airport spokeswoman Jenny Wedge said she also checked with the airport's noise office and "they haven’t gotten any comments or inquiries about UFOs ... these calls more often go to the FAA."

JWA's noise monitoring stations transmit noise events instantaneously to the 'Access and Noise Office,' enabling the staff to have up-to-the-second data on aircraft operations. "Noise and Access staff responds to approximately 2,500 calls per year and have received no calls about UFOs."

Just a Helicopter?

Resident Richard Bent, who spent more than 20 years working on satellites and rockets for the aerospace industry, said: "My take on most of these [sightings] is that they are helicopters. On clear nights when the object in question is heading toward you, it appears to be sitting still. I think most of these are military helicopters out over the ocean at high altitudes. The white light means they are heading toward you, red lights mean it's traveling to the left, and green means it's traveling to the right of your position. A green/red combination means it is turning.

"When the object turns, the bright white light will appear to quickly go out. Looking closely at one of these, you will usually be able to see a telltale faint red or green light that indicates an earth-made vehicle. I have seen a few of these recently in our skies. Haven't seen anything yet that I can't explain." 

He added: "I am open-minded about it. I don't disbelieve, but I can't say I believe. I am a skywatcher and very amateur astronomer, as well as a pilot. Aircraft have different types of lighting depending on their circumstances. Around Laguna Niguel, we have helicopters from Camp Pendleton. We are [also] under an eastbound airway for commercial aircraft that have departed LAX... and under an approach path for Long Beach Airport. We view aircraft going from points north to San Diego and, of course, we have a smattering of private aircraft all over the place. Clear nights like we had last week make lights more visible from long distances."

Camp Pendleton

"Helicopters regularly conduct training missions in the area, so it could have been a helicopter, but I cannot confirm that's what was reported in the sightings," said Camp Pendleton Public Affairs Chief Luis Agostini, who said this was the first inquiry he had ever received about any sightings. 

Ted Sutton March 13, 2012 at 02:58 PM
Dan Krolczyk....your guess is wrong. The are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on the earth. The universe is larger than we can imagine. And buckle your seat belt, it is teaming with life! Intelligent life! And sky lanterns and LED balloons don't make right turns at 6,000 MPH. Get an education!
Ted Sutton March 13, 2012 at 03:04 PM
Valentina Melekhova...when anybody says sorry gays, they are just making a slur against people who have the courage to say what they saw. Taking cheap shots like you do takes no courage at all. And I'm sure you don't have the moxie to say that to the commenter in person. You only talk that way from behind your keyboard. How classy!
Ted Sutton March 13, 2012 at 03:14 PM
CD...all space ships have navigational lights. Do some reading. Get an education. You are making pronouncements, but doing no research. Know this. UFO do not respond to "common sense" Again. Do some reading. Our aircraft don't make right turns at 6,000 MPH! Does that sound like light from approaching aircraft? It is always the people who do no reading on the subject who have these boneheaded explanations. CD. Get an education on this subject. There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the earth. Do you really think that a universe that large was made just for us?
Ted Sutton March 13, 2012 at 03:30 PM
CD...again, an attempt to explain the objects with "common sense". It can't be done. And religion? 500 years ago they threatened to kill a man who suggested that the earth just might not be the center of the universe. On July 19th, 1952 saucers flew over Washington, DC's most restricted airspace for 6 hours, then came back the following weekend and did it again! Tracked by 2 military and one commercial radar, and the radar operators could see the craft out the windows! Get used to it. The universe is teaming with life. And they are some saucer beings who are showing a real and regular interest in a nukes, visiting silos, and taking missals off-line. Do some reading. Get an education. And please, spare us the "demon theory". They are not demons! CD...we are 2 hundred years out of covered wagons. These being have been traveling the stars for a long time. Sorry to prick your balloon, but man is not God's greatest creation.
Ted Sutton March 13, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Arianna...how do you know? Were you there? You know who is nuts? People who think the whole universe was made for man! Now that nuts! UFOs are absolutely real. Get used to it. More stars in the sky than grains of sand on the earth. You really think that was all created just for man? Than you are nuts. Get an education. The UFO issue does not respond to :common sense" You have to do some reading to understand this subject. A lot of reading. I've been studying this for 60 years. UFOs are real, and every government knows it. They violate are most secure air space at will, playing special attention to out nuks, often taking them off-line. UFOs are the most highly classified subject in the intelligence community. Chew on that.


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