Border Patrol Plans to Increase Maritime Security

Because of the increase in maritime illegal immigration, the United States Border Patrol is taking to the water.

The United States Border Patrol plans to increase security along the Orange County coastline.

“You’re going to see more border patrol agents in your community,” said Steve McPartland from the Maritime Unified Command, which is composed of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. 

In 2010, border guard and Coast Guard officials made almost 1,000 interceptions of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country by sea in San Clemente, Dana Point and other Southern California coastal cities.

“I believe we should be as transparent as we should possibly be,” said Chief Border Patrol Agent for San Diego sector Paul Beeson at a town hall meeting Thursday night. “Human trafficking, narcotics trafficking are being smuggled on to our beaches.”

One of several cases in the Orange County area took place on February 15, where . Before that, another group came ashore at San Onofre State Beach. Small fishing boats called “pangas” carry around 27 people, or up to two tons of narcotics ashore, said border patrol officials.

“Everyone moves from the boat to the beach and if we’re not there on the spot, they’re gone,” McPartland said. 

Although there have always been attempts of illegal maritime border crossings, the last three years have seen a quadrupled increase because of the decrease in the overall rate of illegal immigrants successfully crossing the border on land.

The illegal immigrants, as well as smugglers carrying narcotics are thought to be linked to Mexican cartels, but officials could not identify a specific crime organization.

“The vast majority of people crossing the border, whether it’s with or without narcotics, don’t cross through the border without being involved with a criminal organization,” said Border Patrol Special Operations Supervisor Justin De La Torre. “ The cartel wants to make money and we want to dismantle this organization by geographically targeting it at the source.”

It's estimated that illegal immigrants pay between $5,000 and $7,000 a person to cross the border through these criminal organizations.

Officials said the pangas, and/or jet skis typically depart from Ensenada or Rosarito, Mexico and head 40 miles out to sea. The water crafts land on the Orange County coastline in the early morning hours where vans await their arrival to take them to safe houses.

Multiple agency coordination along with land, air and water surveillance are the current plan to stop the human smuggling.

To report any suspicious activity, please call the Joint Harbor Operations Center: 1- 800-854-9834, or contact Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center: ociac@ociac.org

StokeyBob March 05, 2011 at 04:40 PM
I'm afraid the deck is stacked against law and order. When I started looking into where the money was coming from to buy off the politicians and subvert the immigration laws of the world, I came across what may be the root of many of our problems. Fiat Money. No matter how much real money people can put together to build their countries the way they want there are those that can print up what ever it takes to get their way. Maybe this will help make the danger of fiat money clear. Imagine you and me are setting across from each other. We create enough money to represent all of the world's wealth. Each one of us has one SUPER Dollar in front of him. You own half of everything and so do I. I'm the government though. I get bribed into creating a Central Bank. You're not doing what I want you to be doing so I print up myself eight more SUPER Dollars to manipulate you with. All of a sudden your SUPER Dollar only represents one tenth of the wealth of the world! That isn't the only thing though. You need to get busy and get to work because YOU'VE BEEN STIFFED with the bill for the money I PRINTED UP to get YOU TO DO what I WANTED. That to me represents what has been happening to the economy, and us, and why so many of our occupations just can't keep up with the fake money presses. We are going to have to regain control of our government before we can regain control of our currency. We are going to have to regain control of our currency before we can regain control of our country.
steve March 06, 2011 at 03:08 PM
When did we lose our common sense? Our Government, has allowed the invasion of 30 million criminals in direct violation of Article IV, Section IV of our Constitution. they force American tax payers to pay Billions to provide Welfare, Prison cells, Educate the invaders children, free medical care,massive document fraud, & are destroying our schools, hospitals, communities, culture while Robbing, Raping, Killing & Assaulting American Citizens WAKE UP PEOPLE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9IGKRzdzZ8&feature=player_embedded .youtube.com/watch?v=tsH8xvjTAlo .youtube.com/watch?v=Btj6IeOFkis&feature=player_embedded .immigrationcounters.com/ .ojjpac.org/memorial.asp .immigrationshumancost.org/ .newswithviews.com/Wooldridge/frosty580.htm .youtube.com/watch?v=muw22wTePqQ http://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/SLB/HTML/SLB/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-29/0-0-0-8501.html#0-0-0-324 .gopetition.com/petition/40860.html http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/07/02/immigration-costs-fair-amnesty-educations-costs-reform/ http://www.rense.com/general81/dtli.htm http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=41045 http://www.cairco.org/econ/econ.html http://www.diggersrealm.com/mt/archives/003335.html obama and holder should be IMPEACHED! for not upholding the oath of office they swore to defend the Constitution! If these clowns were to do their job, this would all be a Moot point! shut down any business hiring illegal labor.


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