DAs Hire San Clemente Firm to Hammer Bad Check Cases

According to an OC Weekly investigation, a San Clemente collections company is threatening jail time for people against whom bad check complaints were filed.

On behalf of prosecutors, A San Clemente collections company is hammering people nationwide who have bad check complaints filed against them, according to a report by the OC Weekly.

CorrectiveSolutions, [is] a private, San Clemente-based company. According to its website, it handles bad-check cases for 140 district attorney's offices nationwide, jurisdictions that oversee 65 million people, from Colorado to Florida, Michigan to Washington.

Consider it the privatizing of justice. Instead of investigating bad-check complaints, prosecutors simply pass them along to CorrectiveSolutions. The company then uses official DA letterhead to threaten jail time if consumers don't pay up. CorrectiveSolutions also runs the "voluntary" financial-accountability classes, and prosecutors get a cut of the profits while barely lifting a finger. The entire system runs on a one-size-fits-all presumption of guilt. No one's bothering to investigate whether the check writer was working a scam or merely suffering from a momentary lapse of mathematics.

Read the rest of Denise Grollmus' story here.


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