Former JSerra Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Student Faces Trial Wednesday

If found guilty, Ricardo Aldana could be sentenced to as many as seven years in prison.

Ricardo Aldana's booking photo. Photo courtesy the Orange County Sheriff's Department.
Ricardo Aldana's booking photo. Photo courtesy the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

After numerous delays, the sexual molestation case against a former JSerra Catholic High School teacher is scheduled to begin Wednesday.

Ricardo Aldana, a former Spanish teacher and soccer coach at JSerra, was arrested in December 2011 on suspicion of driving a student to his home in Dana Point, slipping her past unaware roommates and committing unlawful sex acts.

He is facing seven felony counts of lewd acts on a child. If convicted, Aldana faces seven years in prison.

Now 40, Aldana is accused befriending a 13-year-old student – referred to as Jane Doe to protect her identity – at the school to gain her trust, according to an Orange County District Attorney’s office press release.

When she turned 14, “Aldana is accused of inappropriately massaging Jane Doe’s shoulders over her clothes while they were alone in his classroom. He is accused of continuing to groom the victim by frequently exchanging text messages and speaking with her on the phone,” the press release states.

Prosecutors allege that in September 2011, Aldana picked up Jane Doe near her home while her mother was out of town. He then allegedly brought her to his Dana Point home, sneaking her into his bedroom so that his roommates wouldn’t notice, officials said.

It is there that “substantial unlawful sex acts” occurred, prosecutors allege.

Aldana then reportedly dropped her off back her house at 4 a.m., the D.A.’s press release states.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department began investigating this case after an out-of-state honors academic camp instructor became suspicious after overhearing statements by the victim to other students,” the statement says.

Robert Curtis May 14, 2014 at 09:04 PM
This is wrong on so many levels. Why was this male teacher Allowed to be put into this kind of situation? Kids today that are in puberty are dangerous. They have natural hyper sexual desires due to hormone changes. Compound that with easy access to mature sexual content via the internet that makes them even more dangerous to all men over 18 years old. No men should be teaching teen girls for any reason due to this naturally occurring condition. Coupled with their hormones is the faromones generated by them at this young age grants to many chances for problems. The girl was caught bragging about the issue to other girls? Well, we are in the internet information age. Is it not true in many countries the age of consent is that of 14 years? My Grand mother was married at 15 back in the day and not to long ago in our own country girls at the age of 14 were married off and having kids. So, was this situation consensual? If yes...here is where I have a problem. A 14 year old is mature enough to stand trail for just about any crime especially if it is violent or sexual in nature (like sexting) but not mature enough to give sexual consent. Really? At 15 they can get a driver's license and propel a 5,000 pound vehicle down the road at 65 miles and hour but not have consensual sex. Really? I wager most 14 year olds know much more about safe sex today than what was know back in the day when it was legal or in those other third world countries without internet access. The failure is that of churches, society and families that aren't accountable for stepping up to the plate for our youths. This guy yes was stupid but this issue is much deeper than what is on the surface. We punish first and leave the root of the problem untouched. So our prisons get larger and our youths have nothing in the end but bigger prisons to pay for on their backs! Where is reason? Gone!
Cindy Peterson May 27, 2014 at 09:02 PM
In my opinion the teacher seems to be the victim here. I am all for justice and zero tolerance for physical or mental abuse. But some people take advantage to make a quick buck. I'm sure this girl will sue the school once this is all over. And that is just sad. I read on the OC register article that it was a "fantasy". And it sure sounds like it. People like her should be the ones prosecuted or she should get some psychological help. She is clearly crying for attention and obviously she is not getting it at home. They should try and focus more on getting her some help before she ruins someone else's career and before she hurts herself. I wish them both well.
Debbie Eury-Spriggs May 30, 2014 at 09:39 PM
I hope the teacher gets the MAX sentence. He is held to a higher standard, merely by being a teacher.He betrayed the trust of the little girl and her parents.He also broke the law as it is written.
Robert Curtis May 31, 2014 at 02:15 AM
Let me tell you about these (so called) little girls...I am a hairstylist and had the disturbing experience of having to listen to some of the things coming out of your little darling's mouth. We are applying standards of the past to teens of today that live in the information age. Really?


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