Bonito Canyon Tennis Courts Set for Temporary Rehab

Despite drainage problems that make a total renovation extremely expensive, the San Clemente City Council approved an $18,000 fix that will extend the courts' life for a few years.

Tennis Enthusiasts in North Beach will soon have access to an extra tennis court in Bonito Canyon Park.

Currently, the courts next to the San Clemente Boys & Girls Club are undermined by drainage problems that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. One of the two courts has been closed for months after the concrete buckled and heaved.

The San Clemente City Council voted Tuesday to spend $18,000 to fill in the cracks and resurface the court to give players another three to five years of stable playing surface, engineering staffers estimated.

Meanwhile, the city is working on a joint use agreement with the San Clemente High School to allow residents to expand the hours of use of the tennis courts there.

A number of North Beach tennis players have pressured the council to keep the Bonito Canyon tennis courts open, and council directed staffers to figure out a permanent rehab plan and funding for the courts over the next few years.


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