Chamber Endorses Dahl, Mortenson for SC Council

The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce released their endorsements early Thursday morning.

The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce has endorsed incumbent Jim Dahl and challenger Mike Mortenson for the two San Clemente City Council seats open this election.

The chamber emailed its official endorsement to the press Thursday morning, but campaign signs for Dahl and Mortenson have been displayed on the lawn of the organization's El Camino Real offices for a few weeks.

Dahl and Mortenson have thus far established themselves as friendlier to developers and businesses on at least a couple of issues. In council candidate forums, both have stopped short of endorsing a controversial ban on three-story buildings.

Dahl has advocated a sort of middle way in the two-story debate, calling for form-based codes that would allow the city more control over how the streetscape looks.

Both Dahl and Mortenson have also said they'd keep an open mind in future public hearings about what kind of billboards Marblehead mall developer Craig Realty would be allowed to construct along the I-5 to advertise the coming retail outlet.

Dan Bane October 16, 2012 at 05:48 AM
Draw whatever conclusion you like Larry. Two undeniable facts remain for me: (1) Baker/Hamm have no substantive ideas or platform (as confirmed in the debates); and (2) Mortenson/Dahl have overwhelming support from local businesses, residents, and current and former City Officials because of their ideas, vision, and platform. In a race of ideas, vision, and solutions going forward..... I am very happy that my vote went to Mike Mortenson and Jim Dahl. Out.
Jim Evert October 16, 2012 at 08:18 AM
"We the People" - Sounds like your mind is already made up, but I'll give you the benefit of maybe being one of the few people on this blog, who actually wants objective and honest dialog. The chamber has fund raisers like the fiesta and the taste of SC plus dues that members pay. This is the chambers source of operating funds. Each year the city working with the chamber - pays the chamber for specific projects (representing only a small part of their annual funds) that the chamber can do cheaper and utilizing their volunteers. In the past that has included events supporting the Marines (with many chamber volunteers); the banners (currently recognizing surfers) along El Camino Real; and the visitors guide given out throughout the city, pier and airports. I have supported each of these individual projects because I believe they benefit our city. This was supported by 4- 1 - With Tim Brown, Lori, Jim Dahl and myself supporting. Now of the second point - the Chamber PAC is independently funded by members and is separate and distinct from the operating budget. That is why I consider the item that Mann put in his Dahl hit piece was an outright lie. It's a new low for SC in nasty and divisive politicking. It's a shame that that we can't concentrate on positives and stick to real issues.
Moonshine October 16, 2012 at 05:35 PM
We the People- Do you guys know you're lying, and not care, or you don't know you're lying? Setting aside the fact that Mike's wife isn't running, and bringing the candidate's families into the debate is a new low, even for bottom feeders like Eggleston and Mann, she is not a democrat. Even if she were, what would it matter? Does it matter that Baker supported Obama last election? Or that Hamm is endorsed by a union? Not to me. Does it matter that Mortenson is the ONLY candidate ENDORSED BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, you bet it does!! And it matters to THOUSANDS of other people in this town. Don't forget, we're 51% Republican. Why didn't Hamm or Baker get endorsed by the OC GOP, or the Lincoln Club, or the California Republican Assembly, or by the OC Register, or the Chamber of Commerce? Are all these organizations involved in the big conspiracy to bring in jumbo tron signs and rubber stamp all development? Nope, Baker and Hamm didn't get endorsed because they HAVE NO IDEAS for strengthening SC and Baker has a HORRENDOUS record as a councilman (which is why only 1 councilmember supports him -- the same one he helped get elected). If you disagree -- feel free to tell us their ideas -- because they sure failed to do so despite multiple opportunities. You guys need to seriously grow up, start thinking for yourselves and stop being spoon-fed the divisive Kool-aid that Eggy and his rich developer buddy Charlie Man are serving up.
Larry Corwin October 16, 2012 at 07:33 PM
I'm going to tap out on this one as all points seem to have been made. In departing I would like to thank all of the Patch bloggers who have engaged the debate and I hope to get the opportunity to meet you all in the future. In parting, I would like to extend a shout out to the wives, girlfriend and family of all the candidates and thank them for accepting our free speech and for supporting our democratic process. I hope we all remember you guys are off limits and we appreciate your support of your "significant others" who seek to serve our city. Pam Baker is a loyal and dedicated partner of Bob Baker and works as hard as anyone I have met. Chris Hamm's girlfriend Danielle is charming and delightful and we look forward to watching their relationship develop. I have not met Mrs. Mortenson but from the pictures I have seen, they have a most beautiful family and I wish them all the best in their San Clemente futures. I have never met Mrs. Dahl and despite our political differences, I have heard only great things about her and their family. We might have two incumbents reclaim their seats. We may have two new council members or any combination in between. Regardless of the election outcome, it has been a pleasure to have gotten to know more of you and I am proud of my neighbors and our town.
Allison Winters October 24, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Anybody but Bob Baker; worst council member ever. What a hypocrite! He has no vision for San Clemente. How can he claim to be the protector of open space when he has that four mega mansion down on T-street but doesn't want to allow downtown businesses to improve their properties with three stories. Baker shows no respect for our city by placing his banners and yard signs down on the beach trail. That is no mans land for yard signs. No one wants to see that crap on the beach. I guess that is why all the banners downtown are supporting Dahl and Mortenson. Anybody but Baker! What an idiot!


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