No Money Worries in San Clemente as City Projects Slight Surplus

San Clemente is looking at a $117-million budget. Despite losses to the state and the poor economy, things are looking pretty rosy, staffers say.

San Clemente officials say there isn't too much to worry about in 2013, at least, financially speaking.

The city is planning to spend about $117 million, and they project that tax revenues will come in a little more than that, allowing San Clemente to have a balanced budget for fiscal year 2013.

Mayor Jim Evert said at the Thursday budget workshop that he had faith in the  staff's efforts to operate the city efficiently.

"I'm very confident that the city staff are good stewards of the city's money," he said.

San Clemente lost $2.3 million in a take-back from the state, forcing San Clemente to disband its redevelopment agency, but city manager George Scarborough said redevelopment projects still can be funded from the general fund.

The state disbanded cities' redevelopment agencies last year to balance its budget,

City revenues and expenditures have come in better than expected for the 2012 fiscal year, especially where the contract with the Orange County Fire Authority is concerned. The cost for the 2012 contract has come in $250,000 under budget.

Aside from fire services, the police contract with the Orange County Sheriff's Department and the the Beaches, Parks and Recreation fund are the two biggest expenditures by the city -- the parks fund includes the salary and wages for lifeguards.

Police will cost the city $12.5 million in 2013, fire will cost about $7.7 million, and Beaches, Parks and Recreation will cost $12.24 million.

The capital projects budget for the city will be a lot smaller this year, largely because of the big projects that were finished in fiscal year 2011-12, such as the Vista Hermosa Sports Park and the new fire station and senior center.

But big projects like the renovation of the Ole Hanson Beach Club and rehabbing beach bathrooms are included in the $13-million building program.

Assistant City Manager T. Pall Gudgeirsson said the budget for fiscal year 2013 won't bring any major changes to the city.

"This is pretty much a 'hold the line' budget," he told the City Council.

Marc Schroeder May 19, 2012 at 04:00 PM
I hope they go back to the original glass wall at the Ole Hanson Beach club with ocean views from the pool deck instead of that stupid block wall.


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