City Leadership Set to Reshuffle Tuesday

The San Clemente City Council will swear in a new member, pick a new mayor and decide whether to promote a new city manager.

San Clemente City Council Tuesday is set to swear in a new member, select a new mayor and decide what to do about hiring a new city manager to replace the current one when he retires in the spring.

Chris Hamm and incumbent Councilman Bob Baker will be sworn in. Councilman Jim Dahl will step down.

As is typical each year, another council member will likely be appointed by his or her colleagues as mayor to replace Mayor Jim Evert.

Typically, the members take turns, but Bob Baker has been glossed over since 2010, a three-member majority blocking his appointment. Baker informally ran with Hamm as his partner, so he may have the votes to win the position.

Also, the city will decide whether to promote Assistant City Manager and Treasurer T. Pall Gudgeirsson or hire from outside, a long and pricey process, according to the city staff. Current City Manager George Scarborough has recommended Gudgeirsson for the job.

The San Clemente City Council meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Civic Center, 100 Ave. Presidio.

Tom Barnes December 03, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Bob Baker was more than "glossed over" it was a real insult when the Dahl-Evert-Donchak majority by-passed a deserving Bob Baker in 2010. As a majority they had the power but that did not give them the ethical right right to do what they did. Congratulations to both Chris Hamm and Bob Baker for their overwhelming victories in the recent election. For the first time in 35 years it will be residents, not big developers and crony capitalism, first in San Clemente. Its about time.


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