City Selects Location for Replacement Christmas Tree

The big pine the city had to remove from the library lawn because it was ailing will be replaced with another tree in front of the nearby community center.

The San Clemente City Council voted Tuesday to replace the iconic pine in front of the San Clemente Branch Library with a new tree on the corner of Seville and Del Mar.

The ancient pine on the library lawn had to be removed this summer because it was ailing.

Beaches Parks and Recreation Director Sharon Heider told the council that the city's arborists would work to install deep irrigation and keep the trees roots far enough away from sidewalks that the concrete wouldn't block rain absorption.

The tree will go in a spot where there is now a sickly olive tree that has to be removed, Heider said at Tuesday's council meeting.

She said increasing urbanization and shallow irrigation led to the demise of the old Christmas tree as well as other iconic trees around town.

The city will plant either a Norfolk or Canary Island pine, whichever staffers determine to be hardier in the local climate. Upon planting, the tree will be 18 to 20 feet tall.

The tree will cost about $10,000 to plant and $4,500 per year to decorate, Heider said.

The San Clemente City Council also directed Heider to look into installing a 20-foot artificial Christmas tree at the end of the San Clemente Pier, a suggestion in which some council members expressed interest.

The cost to purchase such a faux tree is almost $15,000, Heider said.

Before moving forward with such a purchase, council members Heider to confer with Chabad of San Clemente to ensure it wouldn't interfere with the group's yearly menorah-lighting ceremony.

PK September 19, 2012 at 03:55 PM
There is also an option for a "Cook Island Pine" which is similar to the Norfolk.


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