Council Candidates Say they Have the Chops to Govern

In the opening salvo of the San Clemente Council campaign, the candidates published statements of qualifications, trying to convince voters they have the necessary skills to run the city.

The following are the campaign statements of qualifications that the San Clemente City Council 2012 candidates filed with the city clerk.

Each one who filed a statement paid $896 to do so. One candidate, the non-incumbent Bob Baker (as opposed to incumbent Bob Baker, who will appear on the ballot as "Robert 'Bob' Baker 1") did not file a statement.

The following are the candidate statements, verbatim:

Incumbent Bob Baker ("Robert 'Bob' Baker 1" on the ballot), 63, Retired Aviator

Our top priority must be residents first... not the interests of out of town developers. During my four years in office I have helped stop overdevelopment and traffic gridlock from ruining our quality of life. I voted for sound development projects, like Target, Courtney's Sandcastle and the new Ralph's market.

I have always voted to keep our fiscal house in order. San Clemente currently has the highest bond rating possible. Let's keep it.

Special interests and PACS will try to influence this election by throwing money at candidates. I didn't accept campaign contributions of more than $99 in 2008 and I won't in 2012.

My wife Pam and I are 20+ year residents of San Clemente. Our children graduated from San Clemente High. I support the Boys and Girls Club, Little League, Triton sports, the San Clemente Educational Foundation and Casa Romantica.

I retired as a commercial airline captain in 2008 flying transpacific routes. I graduated from the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. I served in the US Navy and flew the F-4 Phantom jet fighter from the USS Roosevelt making 170 carrier landings.

Vote for me and you'll get a voice of reason and continued fiscal responsibility.

David Clegg, 62, Retired Businessman

I practice traditional fiscal conservative values in both my personal and business life. I believe that water conservation should not be punished by voting in higher rates for residents as we have recently experienced.

As a resident and property owner in California since 1977, I believe that controlled and sustainable business growth can provide tax relief to residents while also improving the beauty of our community.

I hold a BS in Business Administration and now retired after a successful career of over 30 years with VF Corporation. My many years of experience in all aspects of busmess management, combined with my current management of my real estate investments, makes me uniquely qualified to assist in guiding the City of San Clemente. I will work to strike a balance that manages our growth and development while concurrently improving sustainable local job opportunities and the economy of our community overall.

I will work to maintain the beauty of our village by the sea community by promoting improved beach maintenance, benefiting residents and visitors alike.

As a outsider to local political scene, my leadership is not affected by any outside influences. My sole allegiance is to the residents and community of San Clemente.

Incumbent Jim Dahl, 69, Retired Fire Captain

I have been a 49 year resident of San Clemente. With my wife Alice we have raised two children. Jim is a Special Officer with the Orange County Sheriff's Department and daughter Ingrid who works for a mortgage company and we have 5 grandchildren living in San Clemente.

I retired as a Fire Captain with OCFA after 36 years of service in 2009. 15 years ago, you elected me to City Council. In the ensuing years I have championed your causes with responsible, determined leadership.

I share your concern for the issues that are shaping the future of San Clemente. I have worked to enhance Fire/ Paramedic Service and Police Protection, Rail Safety Quiet Zone, Gang Enforcement, Parks, Traffic Circulation, Code Enforcement, Historic and Coastal Preservation, Ocean Water Quality, Business opportunities and affordable Senior Housing.

The Centennial General Plan, restoration of the Ole Hanson Beach Club, Beach Restrooms and the completion of Courtney’ s Sand Castle with a balanced budget are high on my list of priorities.

I have placed a high priority on requiring high quality, sustainable development in our community. These issues will continue to guide us in the future and with your vote I will continue to "Move San Clemente Forward"

Chris Hamm, Firefighter

During these difficult times it is important that we elect council members that are looking out for the well-being of the community and not outside interests.

As a small beach community, we have the unique opportunity to structure open space and revitalize our town to suit the needs of residents and neighbors.

As a member of the Forster family, my ancestors have resided in San Clemente for generations. I was born and raised in San Clemente and graduated from San Clemente High School. I have grown up on our beaches and participate in community events.

I am a Firefighter in Talega and I serve on the General Planning Advisory Committee for the City of San Clemente. I have planned numerous charity events in SC including toy drives and fundraisers for Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

As a city council member I will find traffic solutions that ease congestion. I will make decisions that maintain our “Village by the Sea” character. I believe that people live in our town because of our unique beach atmosphere.

As a homeowner in San Clemente, I know that our small town feel is very important, and I will work hard to ensure the integrity of our community.

Mike Mortenson, Business Owner/Father

I’m running for City Council to strengthen San Clemente economically, while preserving and enhancing the qualities that make San Clemente one of America’s best beach towns.

I believe in practical, common-sense leadership that unites our community. As a fiscal conservative, I will ensure San Clemente runs efficiently, while still providing the highest level of service to our residents and businesses.

I will work to promote and support investment and responsible economic development. It’s critical that we secure San Clemente’s long-term fiscal health by supporting local businesses and attracting new ones.

Because nothing is more important to me than my family’s safety, I will work tirelessly with our public safety agencies, city officials and our fellow residents to make San Clemente even safer for all.

As a life-long surfer, I believe that protecting our beaches and ocean is vital to our community. To that end, I will support sand replenishment and water quality improvement programs.

Finally, I believe that we must preserve and enhance San Clemente’s historical sites and districts by encouraging investment and adaptive reuse.

I am a Leadership San Clemente graduate. Numerous San Clemente leaders, including Mayor Jim Evert, support me and I hope you Will too.

For more information, please www.mikemortenson.com.

The non-incumbent Bob Baker told the Orange County Register: "I'm a 47 year resident, a graduate of San Clemente High School. I'm Interested in responsible progress for our community."

Tom Barnes August 16, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Now we know that all the candidates favor "motherhood and apple pie" but what about their stand on the issues past and present. I would like to know where they stood on past issues like 1. rezoning open space to condos at Pacific golf course; 2. oversized signs at Marblehead; 3. the original large scale, behemoth Ralphs's project in South San Clemente; 4. selling beach property at a fire sale price at North Beach (LAB Project); 5. extending the Toll Road through San Clemente; And future issues like: 1. building the Ole Hanson Beach Park at North Beach as per Resolution 69-70; 2. carrying out Resolution 94-55 that mandated beach parking on the ECR lots; 3. allowing three story buildings in the T-Zone next to historic properties; 4. returning the $9.7 million in beach parking fees collected from inland residents; Let's smoke them out on these issues and make them answer. If they cannot give solid, specific answers to these 9 issues then they do not have the "chops" to govern. No more platitudes.
JENIFER MASSEY August 17, 2012 at 01:28 AM
Tom Barnes is absolutely 100% right. I vigorously support his expectations of our future council members. Additionally, we need to hear their proposals re: San Onofre.
Allison Winters October 22, 2012 at 06:14 PM
You know Tom you are correct, How you voted on past issues matters. Look at how Bob Baker has voted “NO” to everything. His vote indicate he must hate kids, the environment, businesses, Village Charcacter and San Clemente. In most cases, he is the sole dissenting vote. Bob Baker is so horribly out of touch with San Clemente values and what this city is I wonder if he does his homework on the issues. Does he just hate everything? He can’t say it is saving the city money, the budget is balanced. Who votes NO to banning smoking in public parks where kids play and then No to the signage banning smoking. No to SAFE sidewalks for kids, to handicapped bathrooms at Courtney’s Sand Castle; notice he voted yes last week after volunteers raised half the money to complete the park. Finally a yes vote from Bob Baker. Has never supported the Casino revitalization. Has he ever been to the Casino when it was homeless dump before before it was revitalized. Come to the restaurant when it opens at the first of the year, or NO! Quality of life issues like supporting wayside horns for the trains to reduce the noise level in town. Of course, Bob is against that. No to removing benches in front of CVS to reduce litter, No to the Farmers Market, No to solar panels at Vista Hermosa Sports Park. The list goes on and on. Your past voting record says a lot about who you are Tom Barnes. Bob Baker is horrible for this town.
Allison Winters October 22, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Jenifer, I would support the city banning of the nuclear plant even though it would do no good with the Nuclear Regulator Commission. Let's deal with real daily issues that effect our lives. The ones Bob Baker votes against ever council meeting not pie in the sky issues.


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