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Council Hires Architect for Ole Hanson Beach Club Rehab Contract

The historic North Beach venue is slated to be shut down in January for renovations.

Major renovations to the historic in North Beach moved forward Tuesday with the award of an architectural contract.

Construction is scheduled to start in January—the city would close down the club and its pool as the La Pata-Vista Hermosa Sports Park opens, providing another city pool while the club is under construction, according to the staff report.

In the meantime, the firm Architectural Resources Group will receive $230,000 to do a complete structural, mechanical, geologic and plumbing assessment of the building and pool, develop cost estimates for construction and permitting, work with the city at public meetings and prepare the final construction plans and bid package to hire contractors to perform the work.

Beaches, Parks and Recreation Director Sharon Heider said though the firm was not the lowest bidder of the seven that submitted proposals, it was the most experienced in historical renovation.

"With a historic renovation, you have to do a little uncovering to find out how bad it actually is," Heider said. "We wanted to make sure, essentially, we were not a learning experience for them [the company]."

Council voted unanimously to award the contract.

Bill S November 16, 2011 at 07:19 PM
what is the difference between the work starting in Jan. and the work that this new group will be doing? I am missing something or this seems out of order to me. Does anyone understand the order of events here?
Adam Townsend November 16, 2011 at 09:23 PM
The Beach Club will close down in January to start the design and construction work. It's my understanding that the assessment for historical rehabilitation requires that the building materials be pulled away to see the damage to the underlying structure. This process renders the building unusable by the public while it's underway. Only then can the architects figure out how much work needs done and about how much it will cost, at which point, they will bid the work to contractors. So in other words, the building will be torn up from the start, meaning it has to close during the whole process. Someone please correct me if this is an inaccurate characterization.


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