LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Chamber Chairman Explains Council Endorsements

San Clemente Chamber of Commerce Chairman Bernie Allen says Dahl and Mortenson will champion business.

-- The following is a letter to the editor from the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce Chairman Bernie Allen.

Business and Politics Do Mix.

The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce is entrusted with the responsibility of looking out for the welfare of our local merchants and small businesses. We proudly champion the cause of promoting and protecting freedom of enterprise. It is a cause that is vital not only to our city but to our country. We are not a secret organization with a hidden agenda.

An ever-increasing number of decisions that affect the economic well-being of our business community are made by local elected government officials. It is critical for the Chamber to participate in political affairs.

The Chamber of Commerce consists of local entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders, all willing to face the inherent risks of business to provide for the needs of San Clemente. We run the shops you enjoy, we provide jobs, carry the goods and deliver the services you need.

We are not aligned against any of the citizens of San Clemente as some would have you believe -- we are citizens of San Clemente. We are residents, we are neighbors and we are volunteers. While some voices flippantly scorn our local businesses, we understand the need for a balance between economic prosperity and our community’s quality of life.

The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee, Businesses for a Better San Clemente (BBSC) exists to support candidates who share the goals and philosophies as the San Clemente business community. The BBSC is NOT A PRIVATE political action committee operating in the shadows. It is a Committee of the Chamber of Commerce.

The BBSC is funded through VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS from members of the Chamber of Commerce. The BBSC receives no money from the City nor is it funded through the Chamber’s operating funds.

This November, two of the five city council seats are up for election. The board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce is proud to endorse two candidates for the San Clemente City Council who will best represent the San Clemente business community:

Current Council Member: Jim Dahl

Community Leader: Michael Mortenson

The BBSC has chosen these two exemplary candidates because of their past records and current opinions. These are the candidates who are best qualified to address the important issues currently facing San Clemente. They are competent, educated, skilled and will serve equally our residents, visitors and businesses alike. Please join us in supporting Jim Dahl and Mike Mortenson for San Clemente City Council.


Oswald Junior October 19, 2012 at 03:14 AM
Oh George... Registered to vote? You bet I am!! And I'm not using those votes for Baker and Hamm!! What are you even talking about? The only person who is BS'ing around here, is you.
Sandy Ob October 19, 2012 at 08:15 PM
Mr. Mortenson is an active member of the Sunrise Rotary Club which is one of the most honored community based service organizations in the world. Mr. Mortenson also has another community leader credit to his name that he doesn't bring up about as he should. He was the attorney working for free with the advocates to improve the care and rights of Foster Children in the State of California. He won the case and our community is a better place for his work. I do believe that Mr. Baker 1's community activity prior to his current city council work was Measure C to save his golf course. Mr. Hamm had no community credits the first time he ran and since then joined the GPAC where his attendance record is weak.
Dan Bane October 20, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Decadence for Courtney's Sand Castle? Seriously?!? I hope you realize that Courtney's Sandcastle was funded largely by private donations. The Sand Castle is also the only universal playground (accessible to handicapped children) in the area and took almost a decade to create. I happen to think the playground is incredible and I am very proud San Clemente has such a wonderful resource. I don't think those private donations could have been put to a more worthy use. This is precisely the logic that will be the downfall of Baker/Hamm. Mortenson and Dahl all the way!
Dan Bane October 20, 2012 at 11:05 PM
I'm registered to vote. I'm voting for Mortenson and Dahl. I've also helped with the conservancy. Didn't pull weeds but I helped Patricia Halloway with some pro bono work related to the Conservancy. There are no large flashing lights proposed and there have never been any digital signs proposed. Caltrans is proceeding with the toll road and Dahl is on board with the plan. We reviewed Caltrans' proposal when I was still a Planning Commissioner. Caltrans and only Caltrans controls that project and it is going forward. Not one statement in your comment appears to be correct.
Dan Bane October 20, 2012 at 11:09 PM
BTW, this is really a great letter. Who knows better about what is best for local businesses and the local economy then San Clemente residents who actually have businesses in town. Really glad Mr. Allen and the Chamber are speaking out.


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