Library Clock is Cuckoo

The three faces on the San Clemente Branch Library are out-of-whack.

The clock tower at the San Clemente Branch Library is a tad cuckoo -- it's three faces read all different times:

The Orange County Register reports:

For the past nine months – maybe longer – the three clock faces on the tower at 242 Avenida Del Mar have been at odds. The county is still looking into either updating or replacing the 30-year-old clock mechanism, said Karen Wall, county branch librarian...

At noon Monday, the clock that faces up the street on Del Mar said 10:56. The clock that faces the ocean said 9:34. The clock that faces across the street said 12:55.

Read the rest of Fred Swegels' article here.

The library, which housed the senior center until late last year when the new Victoria fire station and Dorothy Vissier Senior Center opened, is set for expansion and renovation during 2013.


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