Money Rolls in to Synchronize Traffic Lights, Extend La Pata

San Clemente will receive half a million dollars to time traffic signals and $10.2 million for the La Pata extension.

San Clemente thoroughfares will get more than half a million dollars for improvements to smooth traffic flow, thanks to a Monday decision by the Orange County Transportation Authority.

The city will receive more than $554,000 for signal synchronization projects financed by voter-approved Measure M2, according to a release from the agency.

Five miles of Avenida Vista Hermosa between Avenida Pico (west) and Avenida Pico (east), and Camino De Los Mares between Camino Mira Costa and Camino Vera Cruz will see improvements, according to the release.

All told, 29 intersections will be synchronized.

The idea behind signal synchronization is to coordinate green lights to minimize stop-and-go traffic along major roads, improving flow and reducing travel times.

Also at Monday's meeting, the board took another step to secure its patchwork of funding for the La Pata extension, according to the Orange County Register.

It allocated $10.2 million toward the $65-million project to connect San Clemente and San Juan arterial roads and provide another exit from San Clemente in case of an emergency evacuation.




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