New City Christmas Tree Planted

The new tree, harvested from a slope in San Gorgonio Park, was planted Wednesday.

A new city Christmas tree, as of Wednesday, graces the corner of Avenida Del Mar and Seville, replacing the one on the library lawn that had to be removed earlier this year.

Though the tree is a tad Charlie-Brownish around the middle because it was crowded among others where it grew, Beaches, Parks and Rec Director Sharon Heider told the San Clemente City Council Thursday that she expects the sparse spots to fill out over the coming years.

"We're going to have to be a little creative with how we decorate it this year," she said.

The council this fall , but because of the economy, no Southern California nurseries had pines large enough in stock. Instead, the city rented a tree spade and harvested the new Christmas pine from San Gorgonio Park.

Heider said the move saved the city some money as well as filling the need for the tree.


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