PHOTOS: Documents, Odds and Ends and Two-Buck Chuck Buried

City folk throw some last-minute items into a time capsule that won't be reopened for 50 years.

It was the final event of a year-long celebration of 50 years of official citydom.

A crowd gathered Saturday at the  to bury a time capsule that has strict instructions to all that it should not be opened until San Juan Capistrano's centennial celebration in 2061.

In went all sorts of last-minute addtions. Those that gathered flung in their business cards. Councilwoman Laura Freese threw in her name badge. Annabelle Isky made a mad dash to her car to donate a hand-made scarf to the cause.

"People know me for my knitting," explained the 39-year resident. "If I don't have it with me, people say, 'Where's your knitting?' "

The answer to that question is now in a 15-inch-square 20-inches-deep time capsule right in front of the O'Neill Museum. A placque commemorates the day.

Except it's the wrong day. It says the capsule was sealed Dec. 17, 2011, not Feb. 4, 2012. That's because, said Don Tryon, the event was pushed back after hearing that and join in the celebration, just like his father, then-Gov. "Pat" Brown did 50 years when San Juan Capistrano first incorporated.

Tryon explained the details for future residents in a letter he included on top of the pile.

Among the other artifacts included: A DVD player, a cell phone, various newspapers and a print out of Patch's own "" series.

Local Realtor Erin Kutnick gifted a bumper sticker and T-shirt from the annual . 

"That's the only thing that will still be around in 50 years. The swallows will still be here," she said.

Tryon also included a bottle of "Two-buck Chuck," inexpensive wine from Trader Joes. He apologized to the future residents if it doesn't age well.

Other items included: 

Flag pole banner
Booth banner
Brochures & Programs
2011 SJC Ridge Trails, 5K/10K Trail Run T shirt
Capistrano Dispatch
Capistrano Valley News
Orange County Register
Book by Gary McCarver “Dirty Deeds at The Depot” , Historic Society General Meeting script on the 200years History in 20 minutes and DVD on his presentation at Zoomars Mini Park on Los Rios St
Card and commemorative shovel on proposed new Gate House
DVD, Welcome video
The Great Retablo booklet and DVD
Mission Docents 30th Year recognition dinner brochure
Photo compact on selected Señor San Juan & Ms Fiesta for 2012
DVD on State of the City” by City Chamber of Commerce Annual
State of the City Dinner
Memo from SJC Historical Society on names and addresses
October 2011 Journal
A Walking Tour Guide on City of San Juan Capistrano
Images of America - San Juan Capistrano, by Pamela Hallan-Gibson, and
Don & Mary Tryon
A Guide to Historical SJC book by Mary Tryon
Ghosts & Legends Book by Pamela Hallan-Gibson
200 Years in San Juan Capistrano Book by Pamela Hallan-Gibson
Annual Directory and Visitors Guide
SJC Chamber of
Plaque for SJC Chamber of Commerce
Blas Aguilar Adobe flyer on Juaneno Acjhemen Cultural Center and photos
Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee memo, photos, and organization,
history & memo on Historical Families
2011 Swallow Day Parade brochure, flyer, “Smooth Puss” button and
parade lineup
DVD on 1988 Historical Park archeological survey
DVD on State of the City dinner
DVD, Aerials of the City
Pin and medal
Memo on buildings & Districts on the City’s Register of Historic Places
Brochure on Sideshow Shenanigans of The Greatest Show on Earth,” “Fools,” and card on 2011 & 2012 season.
Popular Science magazine
Bottle of Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon wine, vintage 2007 with note
Book “I’ll Watch over you”
Memo to City Council on EIR report with DVD
Photo of San Juan Hills High School students 2011, Inaugural Graduation
Program & Medallion
San Juan Capistrano Patch's 50 Reasons to Love San Juan
Swallows Inn T-shirt and bumper sticker
Open Space DVD
Pamphlet and tokens
Pamphlet from Associated Seniors Action Program
Dinner program
Luncheon program for Gov. Jerry Brown
2 Christmas ornaments
Letter from Ton Moiso CEO Rancho Mission Viejo
2 books, Portola Press, pamphlets, papers
Memos from Bridgid and Brianna Moore
Photos of Gov. Brown luncheon
Vermeulen Family photos, letterhead from former farm & preserve snap-jar for strawberries
Town Patriarch ”Happy” Hunn VFW cap with pins and memo
Pole banner with Gov. Jerry Brown signature
Folder with Rotary Club facts and history, and t-shirfts
Blue scarf
Numerous business cards and notes
Abalone shell & basket made by Marion Walkingstick of the Junañeno, Acjhemen Nation Indian Group

Janice Pickartz February 06, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Shame on you Penny....Jerry Nieblas and Ilse Byrnes were specifically summoned for the group photo of the Birthday Committee yet you don't name them. They worked very hard for the last year, you should issue an update.
Penny Arévalo February 06, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Hi Janice, thanks for the ID (couldn't tell that it was Ilse behind Jan). After reading about you all for nearly 10 years, I'm still learning to put the names with faces. Hope you can forgive me!


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