S.C. Police Chief Goes to Jail—To Run It

Current Police Services Chief Lt. Paul D'Auria has been promoted to captain and assigned to command a jail facility for the OCSD.

The following is a press release sent by Laura Ferguson from the City of San Clemente:

Clemente’s Police Services, Lieutenant Paul D’Auria received a promotion to Captain of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. With his promotion comes a higher level of responsibility within the OCSD.

The OCSD comprises approximately 3,800 sworn and professional staff members and more than 800 reserve personnel. As captain, Lieutenant D’Auria will oversee the Jail Operations at the James Musick Facilty.

Lieutenant D’Auria has a successful history of serving the San Clemente community, even prior to 1993 when the City contracted with the OCSD to provide police services. Lieutenant D’Auria served as patrolman from 1987 to 1993 during the time the City had its own police department.

Over the years he served as an Investigator of Narcotics and the Tri-Cities Directed Enforcement Team and as a Sergeant of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, Patrol and Intake Release Facility, and as Watch Commander of the Emergency Communications Bureau.

He returned to San Clemente in May of 2006 as the City’s Interim Chief of Police Services and was formally named Chief in January 2007.

Lieutenant D’Auria has worked closely with the City Manager, City Council, city staff and citizens of San Clemente. His positive interaction with the Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership to help at-risk youth avoid gangs has made a lasting impact on San Clemente, as has his involvement in the Parent Project which offers classes in English and Spanish to provide parents with activity based instruction, support groups, and curriculum to address the most destructive of adolescent behaviors.

“Paul has been an integral and highly respected member of the City’s management team, demonstrating professionalism, integrity and problem-solving skills so critical in his role," said Mayor Jim Evert. "He has been extremely effective at ensuring that the safety and quality of life of our residents and visitors are not compromised. Unquestionably, it will be hard to fill his shoes."


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