San Clemente Gets 'F' On Tobacco Report Card

The American Lung Association drops the hammer on numerous Orange County cities for failing to protect the public from tobacco and smoke.

The American Lung Association slapped a big red F on the city's amenability to those wishing a cigarette smoke-free environment.

The health organization on Wednesday released its annual State of Tobacco Control report, and San Clemente was on the list. The city received an F grade, along with 30 other Orange County towns, including the unincorporated area of OC.

The 2012 report card listed only four cities in the county that fared better on their overall grade: Laguna Hills (C), Laguna Woods (C), Santa Ana (D) and Seal Beach (D). A year ago, Seal Beach was not on that list; the other cities' grades remained the same.

The report was based on a city's provision for smoke-free outdoor air, smoke-free housing and reducing sales of tobacco products.

  • Check the State of Tobacco Control pdf that's attached and see results for Orange County cities on pages 55-56.
PK January 18, 2013 at 07:12 PM
You know they are not far off from this. San Clemente has a smoker problem. Hands down there are more people smoking here than in most other beach cities. Two "smoke shops" within only a mile from each other selling nothing but cigarettes and or "bongs" Multiple 7-11's pushing cigarettes, Walmart, same thing. So who is smoking? And who is littering? I cannot believe the amount of cigarette butts found all over the streets and sidewalks here in town. They are everywhere you look! And they eventually end up in the ocean. It's a disgrace! San Clemente needs to think hard about so many here who choose to not only to be addicted to smoking but make the decision to litter the entire city with their disgusting butts. They are all over the parks, beach trail, even right at the beach. SC needs to stop just talking about the problem and to actually enforce the smoking ban on the sand and in our parks! Everything about smoking sucks! It's dirty and low class!
Beachgirl January 19, 2013 at 04:24 PM
I've contacted the city to find out what I can do about a neighbor who lives next to us in a condo on Buena Vista. She is a heavy smoker and smoke comes into our upstairs which is where the bedrooms are. When she smokes out on her balcony I have to close our doors. We've completely remodeled this place 3 years ago, as in gutted down to the studs, and I'm afraid our place will soon smell like stale cigarettes even when she doesn't smoke. We've asked her repeatedly to be more considerate, but she says she will and keeps on puffing. We contacted the city of San Clemente and they basically said there's nothing we can do..I find it incredible that our city can ban cigarette smoking on our public beaches, but won't offer the same rights to tax paying homeowners. . We have also contacted the health department to no avail. I agree with the previous post...it is dirty and low class which is why San Clemente has never shaken off its poor image. The city council needs to do something about this! If anyone knows of a resource that I could contact I would be most appreciative.


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