Seven Council Candidates Officially Enter Race for Two Seats

Both incumbents and five other candidates filed to run for the San Clemente City Council; the filing deadline was Friday at 5 p.m.

It's official. Seven candidates, including two incumbents, will vie for two San Clemente City Council seats this November.

They include . Also running is incumbent and frequent top vote-getter Jim Dahl.

The other challengers are Jim Cerrone, Don Clegg, Christopher Hamm and Michael Mortenson.

Incumbent City Clerk Joanne Baade and incumbent City Treasurer T. Pall Gudgeirsson are running unopposed, as they did last election.

Cerrone isn't quite official yet: the Orange County Registrar of Voters has to qualify him to run, which might take a few business days, Baade said, because he filed his papers right before the deadline Friday.

Interestingly, this week pulled papers to run, but notified Baade by email Friday afternoon that he decided not to run after all.

Thursday, after the deadlines for all the California cities, the California Secretary of State will draw letters from a hopper to create a randomized alphabet, Baade said. This alphabet will determine the order of names on the ballot; candidates will be placed in alphebetical order by last name in accordance with the secretary's randomized alphabet.

Adam Townsend August 11, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Are you Jim Cerrone, Chris Hamm or the challenger Bob Baker? We don't have your head shots. Feel free to upload to the slideshow!
Allison Winters October 17, 2012 at 10:27 PM
From the San Clemente City Council meetings, here is a sample of Bob Bakerʼs Top 10 “No” votes. " 1. No to continuing the Sunday Morning Farmers Market on Del Mar. 2. No to the San Clemente Sports Hall of Fame which is nothing more than pictures on the wall of the Vista Hermosa Aquatic Parks of outstanding SCHS athletes. Bob Baker#1 was the sole dissenting vote 3. No bathrooms for handicapped kids at Courtneyʼs Sand Castle. He said they can go down the street. 4. No to building sidewalks at Max Berg Park near the Las Palmas Elementary School. 5. No to protecting our coastal canyons by dividing a critical coastal canyon lot and opening up SC to splitting lots on all our costal canyons. 6. No to provide parking in North Beach in support of parking needs for commuters and to provide parking so our the nearby historical buildings can be revitalized. 7. No to banning smoking in public parks where kids play. 8. No to banning single use plastic bags. 9. No to local art project by painting electrical boxes. 10. Cost the City of San Clemente $1000ʼs as part of ethics investigation for leaking confidential information from a closed session of the city council. There are many more no votes but this is a one page flyer. Please check for yourself what makes Bob Baker #1 the worst council member in the history of San Clemente. Thank you for voting for anyone but Bob Baker#1 Sincerely, Allison Winters, Mom and 15 year SC resident.


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