Video: Marines Return to Amphibious Roots

About 80 Marines of the 1st Marine Logistics Group took part in an amphibious landing Sept. 20 on base.

About 80 Marines of the 1st Marine Logistics Group took part in an amphibious landing Sept. 20 on Camp Pendleton.

The Marines joined sailors with Expeditionary Strike Group Three to land their personnel and equipment on Red Beach with a Landing Craft Air Cushion-class hovercraft.

For over a decade, the Marine Corps has focused on desert operations and last month’s training was a first for many Marines, said Gunnery Sgt. Charlie Collins, an operations chief with Combat Logistics Ballion-1.

“We’re kind of breaking the ice here and hopefully we get to do a lot more of this training because … these Marines are excited about it,” he said. “That’s what they came to boot camp hearing that we’re amphibious and that’s what they want to get back to—getting back to the amphibious part of being a Marine.”

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