What Is San Clemente’s DC Lobbyist Working On?

The city of San Clemente has a lobbying firm retained to help officials navigate the halls of Congress and secure federal funds for beach and road projects.

The city of San Clemente has a lobbyist in Washington, DC, who is working to get cash and authorizations for the Army Corps of Engineers beach replenishment project and the La Pata Avenue extension project, among other efforts.

“Realistically, the way the system really works, you couldn’t go back there and wander around and try to obtain federal funding without the guidance of lobbyists like this,” San Clemente City Manager George Scarborough said at a June council meeting.

Michael Willis of Marlowe & Co., the city’s consultant, reported to council members last week that ) and six other legislators have “signed on to language in the highway bill to try to get La Pata” funding, though legislators can't name specific projects in appropriations bills anymore.

"We work through these things and try to understand what the new normal is going forward," Willis said.

Council members have been pushing for , offering a and additional egress from the city in the event of a disaster at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

An engineering study by the Army Corps of Engineers is wrapping up as well. The environmental study forhas been under way since 2001.

The corps will give the project some priority over other projects because corps activities are partially responsible for the beach erosion; turning the Santa Ana River into a concrete channel removed in large the coast’s supply of sediment, engineering officials have said.

The lobbyist company is also working on moving forward the "quiet zones" at road/rail intersections through town, as well as other projects.

According to city documents, Marlowe & Co. has been in the employ of the city for the last two years at $45,000 per year. The company has helped secure $2.1 million in federal money for city projects, the documents state.

Glenn Klotz July 26, 2011 at 10:28 PM
Mr. Marlowe the "sand king" as he's know in DC makes his considerable fees from begging Congress for sand lots of it to place temporary beaches for rich people in front of their luxury vacation villas. A truly evil man and his paid flunkies. These types are destroying our country for profit.
george gregory July 27, 2011 at 01:57 PM
whos idea was it just to iclude that small piece of beach, when north beach is much more in need
James Schumaker July 27, 2011 at 05:21 PM
Lobbyists may be evil, but they are a necessary evil. A city without a lobbyist has about as much chance of surviving in Washington as a small furry animal does in a nest of pythons (to paraphrase Michael Lewis).
Sam La Sala July 27, 2011 at 06:27 PM
The fact that San Clemente has to hire this guy to lobby for it s projects is a total vote of no confidence in the ability of Ken Calvert to get anything done. Calvert is the archetypical career politician, ensconced in a safe district, who is totally inept at solving the problems facing San Clemente. He is not of the beach city culture and cannot relate to it. Why does he care about sandy beaches, clean oceans and easy transit between San Clemente and San Juan. He should be the poster boy for the "do nothing" Congress. Has any body ever seen this guy in person? Does he even bother to campaign in San Clemente? He needs a primary challenge from someone who wants to work for San Clemente. We can do much better.


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