Boys & Girls Touts Summer Mentoring Program

The Boys & Girls Club in San Clemente mentored more than 100 children over the summer.

The mentored more than 100 kids over the summer, and they touted the success of their program to the San Clemente City Council Tuesday.

The children were the children of Marines and sailors, for which the club received a $99,000 grant to serve. The club hired mentors and surveyed the kids on their passions, fears and insecurities. They paired them up with mentors accordingly; the mentors had different genders, ethnicities and skill sets.

"For example, if there were a kid who didn't make the basketball team and he wanted to next year, we paired him up with a mentor who had some baskeball skills," Andy Broche, the club's programming director, said in an interview.

local non-profit were also involved in the physical fitness component.

Broche said the club plans to continue the program next summer if funds are available. The money for this year's program came from the feds; the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.


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