Boys & Girls Unveils New Computer Lab

The lab can accommodate 28 kids for learning programs.

The Boys & Girls Club of San Clemente Friday unveiled its new computer lab, which can host up to 28 kids on state-of-the-art machines.

Most of the activities children will be working on in the computer room with take place in a sophisticated piece of learning software used to teach math and reading based on each student's individual abilities and learning level, said Andy Broche, the club's programming director.

"Eighty percent of the time spent here will be on a learning program called Success Makers," Broche said. "These aren't video game machines."

If a child consistently has trouble with a concept in the program, the software sends an alert to the lab monitor's computer, prompting him to go help tutor the child in question until he or she masters the problem, Broche said.

The lab features 18 workstations and room for another 10 kids with tablet computers, Broche said, which the club bought with a grant.

Also in the new lab, instructors will teach classes on how to behave on social media -- such as warnings against cyber bullying and cyber predators. Classes will also teach kids to become experts at vital programs like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, Broche said.

The major donors to build the lab -- construction started in October -- include Ingram Micro; a $20,000 donation in memory of Jeff Peters; Woodcrafters International, Inc.; and Microsoft.


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