K-8 Students in CUSD Go Virtual, Too

Following in the footsteps of a new online high school scheduled to open in September is an elementary and middle school program that will launch at the same time.

First there was the , which is scheduled to debut in September. Now comes a virtual K-8 from .

According to a district flier, the program will feature mostly online offerings, but the students can join in music and art activities at their home elementary school.

Capo Unified spokesman Marcus Walton did not return a reporter’s messages with questions about the new program.

The name of the program is Capistrano Virtual School, and credentialed teachers will support the students as they complete online coursework, the flier says.

The students will also participate in workshops, field trips and other activities, which will vary in theme and topic, throughout the year, the flier states.

Middle school offerings include math up through geometry, grade-level courses in English, social science and science, PE and Spanish 1A and 1B.

Items at the new school’s website were posted by Meg Ervais, who is listed as the administrator for Capistrano Home School, CUSD’s homeschool option.

The district is hosting an information meeting for parents interested in the program 6:30 1 p.m. May 1 at the CUSD headquarters, 33122 Valle Road in San Juan Capistrano.

Orientations for parents wishing to enroll their children will be held in August, according to a Power Point presentation at the school’s website

Each family will be assigned a Capistrano Virtual School teacher/adviser. All Capistrano Virtual School teachers are certificated CUSD  teachers and have experience teaching a variety of grade levels and/or courses, the presentation states.

Teachers will be available by phone, e-mail and in person throughout the month to assist families, according to the slide show. They will evaluate student work as it is completed online and provide ongoing feedback on the work reviewed.

Parents and students will be required to attend a conference at the end of each semester, according to the slide show. Students receive credit based on the work they complete each attendance month. 

Students participate in all regular district and state testing. Tests are administered in the Capistrano Virtual School office, the presentations states.

Capistrano Unified already offers online education through a charter school, Capistrano Connections Academy. However, when area students choose that option, the district loses the funding to the charter, which is also a public school.

shelly April 17, 2012 at 06:36 AM
southcountynative, My answer to your question is where my child wants to go. Because I have a graduating senior I know that is what it comes down to if he or she works hard. If your child works hard they increase their choices. He chose where to apply and he chose which admissions offer to accept. I don't know if everyone will rush for an online option. Some people want their children to learn to better deal with society and learn to get along with their peers so they will not choose an online school. It is not for everybody.
shelly April 17, 2012 at 06:42 AM
southcountynative, Which of the your statements do you stand by? "Thus, your kids and my kids are not able to participate in the same benefits, therefore, we are discriminated against by virtue of economics" "** I am personally offended at this point, at your remark regarding me feeling discriminated against because my children do not live in poverty. 1. I do not feel discriminated against. "
shelly April 17, 2012 at 08:30 AM
southcountynative, I gave you my answer. I choose the school my son wants to go to. If my child chose community college or tech school or to go to beauty school then I would advice my child to work hard and be the best he can be. Do you want me to choose Harvard? Do you want your child to choose Harvard? And if he or she doesn't will you be disappointed or supportive of his or her choice. In America we educate all children rich, poor, citizen, non-citizen. We have found that when hungry kids eat they do better in school. Impoverished children were coming to school hungry and we found that one of the reasons these children were not doing well in school was because they were hungry so we decided it will be better for all if we help feed them. If you want to line them up and assess their need and that is what you are advocating for I disagree. People just want what is best for their kids. I try not to judge people because I do not really know their situation. That is truly how I feel. It may not be economically sound but it is how I feel. I am sorry if I implied that online will mean that your child will not be able to deal with society. I have no idea. I am saying that the reason that some people will not choose it is because they would like their child to have the social experience of a middle school.
shelly April 17, 2012 at 08:31 AM
The aclu lawsuit was brought because some schools were charging for classroom material such as workbooks.
shelly April 17, 2012 at 02:41 PM
southcountynative, I do not ask who is legally here or not. I see children and families working and volunteering and caring for their children and just trying to get along and have a better life for their children. Native English or Native Spanish speakers, they are my childrens peers and their parents are my peers. As I said before I do not judge because I see parents who want what is best for their children and I see children eager to learn.


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