The Truth About Steve Lang

Probably out of fear of the unknown, a few rumors have surfaced about me that I would like to clear up. San Clemente residents should decide whether to vote for me based on accurate information.

The Truth About Steve Lang 

By Steve Lang 

During my forty years in business I have worked very hard to garner the reputation I have earned and cherish.  My word is my bond, and my reputation as an honest and fair businessman and person is impeccable.  Probably out of fear of the unknown, a few rumors have surfaced about me that I would like to clear up.  I don’t blame anyone, including my opponent, John Alpay, for any of these rumors.  I understand people are passionate and believe what they want.  However, I also feel that San Clemente residents should decide whether to vote for me based on accurate information.  So, here’s my humble attempt to set the record straight about my campaign and me. 

Rumor #1: I want to cut teachers’ salaries by 30%.  Not only have I never said this, I’ve never even thought it.  I believe teachers are the most critical piece in the education puzzle and that they should be able to work AND afford to live in San Clemente.  I value their effort and dedication to our children and promise to treat them with the respect they deserve.  I have learned over and over again that “it’s only a good deal if it’s good for everyone,” and I will strive to make sure our teachers are cared for with as much effort as I put forth towards our students. 

Rumor #2: My church is funding my campaign.  This one is just about as opposite the truth as they come.  In fact, I have not asked for or sought donations from anybody.  I’m personally funding my entire campaign myself.  I view this, in addition to my time, as my personal contribution to creating a brighter future for my ten grandchildren, and all the families that are supporting me here in San Clemente.  (By the way, I believe this also ensures I won’t have any political favors to repay.) 

Rumor #3: I have a political agenda.  Anyone who knows me can attest that this rumor is straight out of left field.  I’m a businessman, not a politician.  I’ve always had difficulty saying no when people I care about ask for my help, and right now I am trying to help where I can.  I have no desire to use this office as a catapult to city council, mayor, or any other office.  This is it for me. From an unbalanced budget, to consistent votes to increase class sizes, and cut instruction time, our current board is headed in the wrong direction.  I believe my ability to manage the bottom line and my commitment to putting our children, teachers, and the city of San Clemente’s collective interests first will put us back on track to becoming one of the best school districts in the state. 

Thank you very much for your consideration. 

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Allison Winters October 22, 2012 at 05:15 PM
So what does Tim do now? BTW, you don't just leave a business you are tied to for so many years. He has friends and ties to the industry and they need cell tower locations. What does Tim Brown do now? This does not change the fact that SL wants city towers to nuke our kids. And get it right, I'm not John, just a mom who supports John. I can have a different opinion than you does not make me wrong about the facts. Tim Brown's last job was acquiring cell tower locations. No need to change the fact that both Steve and Tim go to the same church and one wants to locate cell towers on schools and the other recently worked at acquiring cell tower location. I just find the connection interesting. BTW Tim has a Steve Lang sign in his front yard! He endorses Steve or there wouldn't be sign in the front yard. PS I like Tim. He is a reasonable Councilman. He is maturing as a representative of SC and has come to the middle on many issues. Too bad he said he is a one term councilman. I would vote again for him. Allison
Allison Winters October 22, 2012 at 05:43 PM
To "Get Alpay Out", It's funny that you say Tim Brown is out of that cell tower company. Did he go to another cell tower company b/C he is so good at acquiring cell tower sites, he got a promotion by going to another cell tower company? Be specific so you can then be trusted in what you call fact is really fact and not a diversion behind a hidden identity. Oh, where is your real name? You can be Steve Lang's wife or daughter with that fake name. At least, I use my real name:)
Dadof2 October 22, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Allison Winters or whatever your fake alias is.....classic you bring up Prop 30 and Prp 38 in order to backup your claim about not having enough funds in our districts for our kids. We sure find a way every single year to bring more money to our teachers. Prop 30 and Prop 38 are NOT the answer. Every dime from Prop 30 would go directly to the pension fund that has lost over 40% of its value, and is completely unfunded for all of those taking from it. Not 1 dime will go to a school, or kids, or textbook, or anything. Everyone knows this, yet the Union is adamant that we support it. Yikes. This is your solution? Having the people give more and more, and then even more? how about fiscal responsibility? How about living within your budget? Our current board doesnt do that, and it would serve the community well if they did.
Allison Winters October 22, 2012 at 08:51 PM
I love the string along arguments that never really answer the first statement. I hit on a nerve with the Tim Brown/ Steve Lang cell tower thing and the next thing to do is jump to something else never answering the first question. Most of you Steve Lang supports here use alias. I use my real name and you guys pile on that it is fake. How about you answer the first question and list your real names and then we'll talk. Talk about credibility issues. Let he cast the first stone who has not sinned.
Allison Winters October 22, 2012 at 08:57 PM
To dadof2, If what you say is so important, start with your really name. This is just a discussion, no need to hide who you really are. Free speech right. It isn't like you are coming to my house to hunt me down for speaking, right?


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