Scout and Support Groups Collect Packages for Helicopter Squad

The volunteers need items dropped off by Sept. 26.

The following is a release from the Heritage of San Clemente Foundation:

The Heritage of San Clemente Foundation, Mason Dove an Eagle Scout, candidate  and the Relief Society Women’s Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ LDS are organizing and preparing to send packages to over 400 Marines and Sailors in Afghanistan for HMLA 469, Vengeance.

We ask the residents to participate in this enormous undertaking by contributing various items.  These items can be dropped off at various convenient locations around the city. We ask that only the items below be dropped off so we can have a tremendous impact upon our Marines serving in Afghanistan. Items must be dropped off prior to Wednesday, Sept. 26.

Ground coffee, instant coffee, disposable razors, baby wipes, beef jerky, sun screen, lip baum, tuna/chicken salad can meals, protein bars/granola bars, hot sauce, chewing gum, bar soap, Q tips, dried fruit, zip lock bags, sunflower seeds, shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brushes, cool aid, drink mix. Drop off Locations:

  • San Clemente City Hall -100 Avenida Presidio
  • San Clemente Chamber of Commerce - 1100 North El Camino Real
  • San Clemente Community Center- 100 North Seville
  • Coastal Postal – 806 E. Ave. Pico


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