Amy Bentley
Amy Bentley is a veteran journalist who started out working as a daily print newspaper reporter. This was in the (not so old) days before there was anything called the World Wide Web, online journalism or Patch. In fact, Amy hauled a typewriter with her to college. Ok, at least it was an electric typewriter. And it had a white backspace/erase ribbon! The really funny thing is, Amy isn't nearly as old as you might think.
Amy earned a Master's degree in Journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, which isn't really worth that much now, in the days of Web everything. She didn't learn a darmed thing about computers from any school but at least she did learn how to be a decent reporter, and over the years, she's gotten pretty good at it. She also learned to use a digital camera and can't imagine life without it (and iPhoto). And a Mac- God bless Apple and Steve Jobs. Best piece of equipment ever invented (other than the iPod, maybe). Amy has covered several beats and written about a range of topics from courts and legal affairs to travel, education and lifestyle features.Today Amy is a freelance writer and editor living in Temecula with her son and husband, two dogs and cat. Amy's likes: animals, going out to eat, good Mexican and Japanese food, rock music (really loud in the car), gardening (yes, even in this desert climate), the beach, camping, RVing, traveling, Hawaii, reading anything and everything, movies and people who take care of animals and the environment. Amy's dislikes: rude people, cigarettes, traffic jams, intolerant people, budget cuts in schools, polluters, people who overspend then blame the government for their woes, and other such obnoxious things. Amy's basic thought on life in America: It's (still) a free country. Say, do and believe as you please and I won't care as long as it's legal and doesn't hurt anyone.
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